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The Google translator is a tool that the Google platform has provided in order to make life easier for its users. Those who carry out activities from the internet on a daily basis and it is likely that at some point they have needed to translate a text.

A few years ago the language barrier was the main reason why the people of the world could not relate to each other. The Google translator has become the first option when it comes to consulting how to write some text in another language or what a phrase means.

One of the interesting features of Google Translate is that it is constantly growing and evolving. Therefore, its developers constantly update the tools to transfer a text from one language to another, so it is important to know how the Google translator is used and works.

How to translate texts from English to Spanish using Google Translate on Android?

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Google Translate is available on Android platforms. However, for some people the way the translation system works is still unknown. It is necessary to clarify that Google currently has more than 103 languages.

It should be noted that for the Google translator to work correctly it requires the work of millions of people who work constantly.

The intelligent system of Google translator has a word arranged in different languages and once the link is sent Google begins a search, at the end of the matches they are established giving as a final result a phrase or text in the language that has been requested.

Steps to translate texts from English to Spanish using Google translator

To translate a text from English to Spanish, it is only required that the person entered the Google Chrome browser . Next, you must place in the search panel Google Translate .

Next, a window will be presented with two drop-down menus from which the user must select the source language of the phrase and the language to which they wish to translate . In this case it would be a word or text written in English and it would be translated into Spanish.

Google translator works initially with the English language, so in case of obtaining a result that is not consistent, the translator will offer a list of options that may be more feasible.

It is important to mention that the Google translator will not work correctly if you insert the same language both on the left and on the right, ideally, you will place in the left panel to detect the language and in the right panel the Spanish language.

Importance of Google Translate today

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The uses of Google Translate are truly countless. Surely you have needed to translate a document or phrase at some point. Some of the simplest examples, for example is:

A student who needs to translate some research work; the worker of a company in charge of international relations, who needs to establish communication with the other members of the associated companies. Or simply a user who wants to know the meaning of the lyrics of a song of his choice.

According to the most recent indexes , Google translator is used daily by more than two hundred million people around the world, it is the translation tool of first choice as it is considered the most complete.

Google translator makes an interface or connection between the text. The first automatic option that the Google system performs is to translate the phrase or text into the English language, then the system is in charge of comparing the English text with hundreds of millions of formats already translated. In the requested language and generate a consistent result.

Among the languages that the technological giant handles are Hawaiian, Indian, French, Spanish, Gaelic, Kurdish, Scottish, English, Armharic, Sindhi, Mandarin among many others.

In the same way, it is good to note that Google Chrome allows users to disable the translator on web pages. In this way, people can choose at their convenience what seems best to them.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear your opinion . Have you been able to use the Google Chrome translator easily? Do you know that you can use this translator without an internet connection? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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