materiales para hacer una granja de pesca automatica en minecraft

Do you want to know how to build an automatic farm in Minecraft ? Then you are in the right place. It is true that many do not give so much importance to fishing in Minecraft, but the truth is that it has become more and more important with the new updates.

Thanks to fishing, not only will you be able to stock your food chest with the different fish you can get, but thanks to the new Minecraft updates you will be able to get many items that would otherwise be very difficult to obtain. Within minecraft we can do various things with materials such as stone, wood and others. To take better advantage of the stone you can make a Minecraft stone cutter.

How to Build an Automatic Fishing Farm in Minecraft Very Easy!

What materials are needed to build an experience farm?

The first thing you will need are 2 hatches. It is also necessary that you have 8 blocks of any material you prefer but they must be solid and also a slab of the same material.

You will need a thread, which spiders give you. You also need a music box, 2 hooks, a hopper, a bucket of water, a chest, 2 redstone powders, and a redstone torch.

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These are all the supplies you will need. The truth is that it is quite simple. Inside Minecraft we also find some secret maps and hidden worlds that you can have on your Mac or Windows computer. If you want to discover the new ones, we encourage you to download and install maps and worlds for Minecraft.

How to build an automatic fishing farm?

It is important that you keep in mind that this construction is valid only for versions 1.14 and 1.15, and to take full advantage of the game you can use both hands or the well-known secondary hand in Minecraft.

Step 1

The first thing to do is place a hatch in the ground. Right next to the hatch you must place a chest, then next to the chest you must place the hopper and on it you must place the second hatch. Then glued to the hatch you must place the music box.

All these materials must be placed as if it were a ladder. To make it easier, you can guide yourself with the image below.

Step 2

It is time to place the solid blocks. Next to the second hatch, which is above the hopper, you must place the slab, leaving a small space between it and the chest.

Now on both sides of the hopper, you must place 2 blocks respectively , and next to the column on the right place 2 more blocks and it will look like a kind of inverted L, as shown in the image. And next to the music box, place 3 more blocks.

Step 3

Now next to the slab, you must place a support block and on it another block, you can eliminate the one that is support. Now in that block that remained in the air, you must place a hook in the direction of the music box, and the second hook on the block that protrudes behind the music box.

In this same block that protrudes, on the right side you must place the redstone torch and place the redstone dust on the blocks on the floor that form the L. species.

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Step 4

On the second hatch, you must place the water and on the hook, place the thread, you will be able to see how the hatch rises and is next to the music box. And basically this is all you have to do.

With your fishing farm ready, you just have to find your best rod and stand on the hatch that is on the ground and start fishing. You must hit it so that the redstone torch stays with a bug, which is what you want, and keep clicking.

And a little trick that will help you in this regard is to press the command F3 + t . This will make a bar appear on your screen that you must let it fill and this will make you stay fishing without having to click.

Of course, if you move this is going to be removed, you can leave it as long as you want and in the chest you will see everything you have caught. If maybe you haven’t installed Minecraft yet because you didn’t know how fun it was, it’s time to do it, so don’t wait any longer and install the latest version of Minecraft for free for PC

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