Today and today, the internet has taken over streaming platforms, and not to take over but to collaborate with them. This article will help you to know a live broadcasting platform called Pluto TV, what it is and how to use it, here you will find out .

What is and How does Pluto TV work? Free Streaming TV to watch TV Channels Online

What is Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is a new platform where you can watch more than one channel online on your computer, Smartv or smart devices. This streaming platform plays the challenge with a quite novel formula, and that is to transmit content in the open without having to register.

How does Pluto TV work?

You can see its content from the official page and through electronic means, since there are applications for Android and iOS operating systems. Pluto TV advertises when the shows are broadcast, with the aim of monetizing the platform so that you don’t have to pay for the broadcast.

This platform can be found through Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV and access Movistar + for free, and with a lot of content.

Important features of Pluto TV

  • How many channels do you have to watch?

This online transmission platform has 40 unique channels , since they are not presented on other platforms or television service. These channels have their own audit, which means that they are created by the same company, offering many hours of continuous programming.

plataforma online de pluto tv

In addition, you can find different categories such as movies, series, reality shows, broadcast for children, humor, sports, among other programs that are of low demand.

  • Linear TV and low demand.

Pluto TV has both, linear TV and is adapted to the new features of modern television . It’s like a live internet television has already been emphasized, so when you open Pluto TV you will be able to find the channel you were watching.

You will find a great list of programming of the 40 platform channels, so you will have the option of choosing which entertainment to watch.

  • Channel type.

This platform offers its users various channels that are characterized by having contests, reality shows, cinema, crime and mystery programming , among others.

So to enjoy good programming you will need to have an excellent internet network or speed it up and thus avoid it taking too long to load.

How to use Pluto TV?

Next, we will tell you how to use this free streaming platform from your SmarTV, or smart devices in an easy way.

See Pluto TV from the official page

  • When accessing the official website you will be able to see the links that exist for mobile applications, by clicking on Wacht Free to enter its website.
  • You can even watch Pluto TV on your Smart TV via Wifi so you can enjoy the content that is there for you.
  • After using it on several occasions, it will take you directly to the programming you want.
  • Being on the official website, you will be able to access the list of available channels with the series and movies that the programming offers.
  • You have options to see the broadcast on an expanded screen , volume, as well as being able to choose the quality of the image.
  • It has a section called ” On Demand ” that is not for watching live content but contains a long list of programs. This list contains broadcasts that contain advertising but that you can see whenever you want.
  • It has a function in the Live TV option, and is to access a guide with programming from other channels without leaving the channel you are watching.

on demand de pluto tv

Watch Pluto TV on smart devices

  • For smart devices, the PiP window is available , which allows you to see the programming even if you are doing something else on your device. To be able to use this option, your phone must be an Android with operating system 8 oreo or higher and it is the same with Apple devices.
  • The mobile application is perfectly designed for this type of technology, having a quality interface for all Pluto TV users.
  • In addition, you can connect your device to your smart TV to watch programming of your choice at the expected time.

We hope this educational post helps you enjoy one of the best entertaining content platforms for you and your family.

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