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To improve the performance of your company, we invite you to learn more about workstations, what are they and what are they for? What types are there and their uses?

Multiple studies have clearly shown that the work environment greatly influences the quality of work that people do, reaching the conclusion that keeping it in optimal conditions is the best.

Workstations: What are they and what are they for? What Types Are There and Their Uses?

From comfort to the use of the appropriate tools, these are important aspects that must be taken into account to ensure that members of a work team work efficiently.

In this sense, making correct use of workstations can result in multiple advantages, both for your company and for your employees.

Continue reading the article where you will find the functions of these useful tools and it will help you choose the most appropriate one according to your case.

What is a workstation?

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In computing, high performance computers are known as workstations or workstations that are used to carry out any type of technical or scientific work.

Although they may seem like a normal or ordinary computer, it does present clear differences. For example, workstations typically have much more memory and processing capacity than a desktop PC .

In addition, they present, depending on the purpose for which it is used, it presents special audio, video or storage characteristics not so common in personal computers. It is easy to see or know the storage capacity of a PC or Hard Drive.

Likewise, these Workstations are usually part of a network that shares a large storage unit , in order to share information files and folders with the entire work team.

These quirks make workstation devices more expensive than a personal or desktop computer.

Many specialized computer companies offer the necessary equipment to establish workstations, including Intel, which has a wide range of options.

Functions of a workstation

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A workstation offers its operator the processing power and other features necessary to perform a specific activity.

Each of the stations is connected to a work network which allows each member of the team to work on the same project according to the specialty they perform.

This network is managed by an administrator who will determine the way in which the necessary information will be transmitted and the use of the equipment connected to the network.

Types of workstations and their uses

Depending on the needs and specifications of a company, a certain type of workstation can be chosen, among which are supercomputers, mainframes, minicomputers and microcomputers


Supercomputers are computer equipment whose calculation capacity is much greater than that of regular computers, so they are used for specific purposes, such as scientific research.

Due to its high consumption of electricity and generated heat, it requires that the place where they are located meets specific environmental requirements.


Mainframes are powerful and large computers that allow the processing of large amounts of data that are usually quite complex.

This type of equipment is used in companies such as banks, which handle a large amount of data due to the transactions carried out daily by their clients.


Minicomputers are computers whose sizes can vary according to taste and purpose. Their processing power is less compared to mainframes and they are used as terminals connected to a server.

However, they are still high-performance devices capable of simultaneously processing multiple tasks. It is generally used in industries that require large databases.


These computers are generally desktop computers and processing power is less than that of a minicomputer. It is intended to be used by one person.

And due to its configurability , each one can be customized to suit the type of work of each user.

Knowing the use and functions of workstations will make it easier for you to implement their use in your workplace and thus improve the performance of your company.

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