Amazon Prime Music is a streaming platform of the Amazon company created in 2007, only last year it exceeded 32 million subscribers and we can be sure that anyone subscribed to this service will tell you that it is the best. But of course, if you are here it is because you already know how good Amazon Prime Music is and you want your family and close friends to enjoy the experience as much as you do.

We will explain in a simple way, how many devices you can use with Amazon Prime at the same time, in addition to other data that can help you increase the experience of the streaming services offered by the Amazon company.

How many devices can I use with Amazon Prime Music at the same time?

Unfortunately for Amazon Prime Music, you can only play on one device at a time. Do not be discouraged, we will tell you what you can do so that everyone you know can enjoy their favorite music, on their respective devices without limits.

The good thing about being an Amazon Prime customer is that you can enjoy the other streaming music platforms, one of them is Amazon Music Unlimited, we will explain why you should think about switching to this platform.

Why should you switch to Amazon Music Unlimited?

  • You can enjoy a music catalog of 60 million songs.
  • All your content without limits or ads.
  • It has no listening limit .
  • You can create custom playlists.
  • Access to the latest songs of the moment.
  • Personalized recommendations.

chica disfrutando musica con audifonos del servicio amazon music ultimed

The difference between Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited is quite clear, right? What are you waiting for! You can change today, on its official page, do not miss the opportunity to try 3 months for free; But if you switch to this platform, how many devices can you use at the same time? With the family plan, up to 6 devices; let us explain more.

Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan What are its benefits?

For a monthly fee of 14.99 euros, it allows you to enjoy all its content on more than one device at the same time. What better than that? The answer is yes, we explain the advantages of subscribing to the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan.

  • You can have your own private library.
  • Third party music content will not be mixed with yours.
  • Only one person bears the expense, that is, whoever subscribes to the family plan is considered the main subscriber.
  • Not all family members need to be Amazon Prime customers.
  • Up to 13-year-olds can use this service.

Sounds good doesn’t it? It is everything you want and much more , we can be sure that all the members of your family will be more than happy with this service, but how do you subscribe to this family plan? Keep reading.

  • After canceling your current subscription and switching to Amazon Music Unlimited, go to “Your Amazon Music Settings”.
  • Select “Invite or Remove Members.”
  • Copy the invitation URL, you can send it to any social network.
  • It is important that the members you send the URL to are in the same country as you.

familia feliz disfrutando de los servicios de amazon music unlimited

Ready, it’s that easy all members of your family, including children, can enjoy the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan . Something you should keep in mind is that if you want to invite other people who are not family members, be careful.

By letting a person enter, you are allowing them all the Amazon services that you have, that is, that person has access to buy or even sell on Amazon with your money. We hope this article helps you enjoy being an Amazon customer even more, keep reading on our page to learn more about this company and its many benefits for you as a subscriber.

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