Amazon has grown a lot; It went from being an online book sales page to selling all kinds of products and offering cutting-edge online services . Amazon Music Unlimited is an example; an interesting music service; But how many devices can I use at the same time?

You may already know other music platforms, that you have even wondered which platform is better to listen to music, Spotify or Apple Music?

With How Many Devices Can I Use Amazon Music Unlimited at the Same Time? Device Limit

What is Amazon Music Unlimited?

What is and how does Amazon Music Unlimited work? It is a service in which you can join at its official address and it will allow you to play and / or download a large amount of music . These songs are grouped into thousands of playlists, or can be heard on stations.

You can listen to your music on any device with a browser. Even better, the same song can be played on several computers at the same time : mobile phones, tablets, PC or Mac desktop computers; also on tablets or TV Fire and Echo devices.

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The data of the music you like to listen to will be collected, to then offer you the singers and groups that match your preferences. This service is complemented by the virtual assistant Alexa , to put the perfect music on every occasion.

What are the rates for Amazon Music Unlimited?

There are several subscription plans that are part of the Amazon Music service, these are the following: Amazon Music Free, Amazon Music Prime, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Amazon Music HD and as everything in life has its virtues and disadvantages, it will be your turn. see which one best suits your needs.

Amazon Music Free will allow you to listen only to songs from the main playlists (with advertising and limit of reproductions) and from thousands of stations; It will not let you download, nor will you have access to HD, Ultra HD or 3D music.

Amazon Music Prime requires to be affiliated with Amazon Prime, how does Amazon Prime Music work then? Well, you have access to 2 million songs, unlimited playlists and without any type of ads, among other things.

Amazon Music HD, as you can imagine, is the most complete plan of all and includes a large number of songs, including HD, Ultra HD and even 3D music. Each plan has its own rates, but in this article we will focus on Amazon Music Unlimited.

Amazon Music Unlimited also has more than 70 million songs, but in non-HD versions. It has 2 rates: the individual and the family. The individual has a monthly cost of € 9.99; You can have an annual cost of € 99, if you were previously an Amazon Prime customer.

The family rate allows 6 members of your family to listen to the music of their choice on their devices; all for a monthly cost of € 14.99 . But as in the previous case, if you were already an Amazon Prime customer, you will have the option of an annual fee of € 149.

If you prefer a cheaper plan, there is the Echo plan . As its name implies, it is for listening to music from an Amazon Echo device connected to a bluetooh or normal speaker; for a monthly cost of € 3.99. Which can then be extended to an Individual or Family.

How many devices can I use Amazon Music Unlimited at the same time?

Basically there are 10 , the number of devices that we can use in Amazon Music Unlimited, as well as in the other Amazon Music subscription plans. So that a device can be used; must be previously registered and authorized in our account.

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There are some details that we must take into account; the same device cannot be authorized in more than one account at the same time; In addition, you must also authorize the devices enabled to download music one by one, especially if they are mobile phones or tablets.

There is no way to have more than 10 devices at a time. If you want to add one more after reaching the established limit; You must cancel the authorization of one of the existing ones, to register the new one.

Now with this service you can enjoy thousands of songs , without missing a second of your favorite music, using several devices at the same time. Very useful information to share with your friends.

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