If TikTok does not allow you to record videos from your device, it is likely that the application is presenting you with serious failures. However, every mistake has a solution , and in this case it will be possible for you to find a remedy for this eventuality.

That said, below, you will be able to learn different methods with which, without a doubt, you will be able to solve your problem to make amazing videos on TikTok.

Grant camera permissions to the app

You may have accidentally denied the use of the camera and microphone while using the app. This is probably the reason why TikTok does not allow you to record videos.

But, there is a way to reset the permissions in an application or, rather, there are two ways. In this case, you will apply the simplest one and you will do it by completely closing the TikTok process, if it runs in the background.

In addition, you may have to clear the cache of the application so that it does a reset to the starting point. In this way, you have to start the app again and then try to record anything using the “+” button.

tiktok y actualizaciones

When you perform this action, a message will appear stating that you must grant permissions for TikTok to record a video. Thus, you must click on “Allow” in this and all the messages that may arise.

Give the permissions from the Settings / Configuration section

When TikTok does not allow you to record videos due to lack of permissions, you can apply two methods to achieve it, as you read in the previous section. In this entry you will apply the procedure that is carried out through the settings section of your device, whether mobile or not.

Then, you must select “Settings” in the case of Android and “Settings” if you are an iPhone user. Then, you will locate the corresponding section to manage the apps and finally you will have to press it.

Next, you will see a section with the name “Permissions” that can be at a glance or within each of the app icons. Upon entering it, you will have to get the “Camera” tab and access it to search and grant the permissions to the application.

Check for new versions of TikTok

In cases where there is a new update to a program, usually to force you to renew it, the application will crash. This may be the reason why TikTok does not allow recording videos, and the only way to solve it is by downloading the new build.

It is possible that you have not noticed that there was a new version, since the Stores of each device do not usually notify immediately. In this sense, you will have to check it by entering the store and accessing the section of your installed apps.

dibujo tiktok app en movil

From here, you can verify if, in fact, there is an update. If so, it is best to download and install it immediately, as this can completely solve your problem.

Restart the device if TikTok does not allow you to record videos

Sometimes these app crashes can be due to a small conflict or lack of device memory. Something that you will easily solve when you restart your mobile.

With this, you will be able to restore several of the values of your mobile or tablet, such as physical memory. And additionally, it will analyze errors and correct them automatically while booting.

Uninstall and reinstall the application

If this successful video social network keeps giving you trouble, the best thing to do is reinstall it. To do this, you must completely remove it from your device by keeping your finger pressed on the icon and dragging it to the trash can at the top. You can also delete your TikTok account if you want.

Now, it only remains for you to go to the store of your device, locate the application among the categories and download and install it again.

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