Creating an account on Instagram is very simple that is why this social network has millions of users and many more are added daily, but some users have had problems when registering in this social network; If that is your case, do not worry in this post we will tell you why Instagram does not let you create or add a new account?

Why won’t Instagram let you create a new account?

Instagram is a social network that allows its users to register without major complications either from the web or using the application, but some have had problems when registering and that is due to various factors that you must take into consideration:

Instagram security policies do not allow creating 2 accounts with the same username, phone number or email and this is because if you forget your password or your account is hacked, Instagram will send you an email or SMS to process the recovery from account.

It is important that when creating an account on Instagram you do not use the same email or phone number that you are registering in another account, because Instagram will not let you create a new account; to solve this problem you will have to enter an email or phone number different from the existing one. If you don’t have another email you can quickly create one in Gmail or Yahoo!

Using an email or phone number that is linked to another account is the most common mistake users make when trying to create an Instagram profile, check that this is not the problem that is preventing you from opening an account.

It could also happen that the email you are trying to enter is disabled or suspended ; Therefore, make sure to enter a valid email address that you use frequently when you create your Instagram account. If you have problems with the mail create one in Yahoo, Outlook or Gmail.

pagina de inicio de instagram para crear cuenta nueva

Another thing that may be happening when creating the account is that you enter some mandatory information in the wrong way, for example you misspell your date of birth, telephone number or email address. Verify that the data you are providing to Instagram is correct.

Sometimes it can happen that the Instagram server is saturated or has problems at that time, it is advisable to try later or the next day, but this happens very rarely. It is important that your internet connection is stable and the application is updated to the latest version on Windows 10, Android and iPhone.

Some of these factors are affecting the creation of your account, review each one and take the appropriate action. But if you are trying to open a new account because you forgot the password of your old account, you can easily recover it with a few simple steps.

How to enter my Instagram account if I forget the password?

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Search for the phrase Forgot your login details? Get help and click there.
  3. You will immediately see your username, if your username does not appear, write the name of your account, then click on «Next».
  4. In the new section you must select the method you will use to start the process of recovering your password; among them you can choose «Send an email» , »Login with Facebook» or by means of an SMS on your phone. You can use Facebook if you linked it with Instagram and SMS if you registered your phone number to the account, otherwise you can only use your email.

    hombre tratando de recuperar su cuenta de instagram

  5. If you select the option “Send an email” Instagram will send you a verification code to the email you have registered in the account.
  6. Access your email, find the email sent by Instagram and copy the code.
  7. Now you must paste that confirmation code in the box designated for it on Instagram and click on «Next».
  8. You will immediately access your profile.

Instagram is a very popular social network, so don’t stop creating an account because you can participate in contests, follow your favorite artists, and you can even promote your brand or products.

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