The world of video games on mobile devices is becoming increasingly competitive. That is why even the smallest fault must be resolved as soon as possible. In that sense, why doesn’t the microphone appear in Call Of Duty Mobile ? You will find the answer here.

But not just the answer! In addition to the reasons that can cause this failure, this article will guide you to solve it. Don’t let a lack of communication with your team ruin a game. If you have noticed that your microphone fails in the game, do not detach from this article!

What is Call of Duty Mobile?

It is always important to know how those games have emerged that have forged as one of the best in their field. This game works under the “Shooter” mode and has been developed by the Activision company. Its launch took place on October 1, 2019.

telefono call of duty


How long did this game have to wait to be popular? Well, you tell me… in just one month it had already reached 150 million downloads. This made Call Of Duty Mobile one of the biggest releases ever .

The reasons to play it

Call of Duty Mobile has different game modes. Battle Royale, rapid fire, team games, among others. Hours and hours can go by and anyone would continue to rave about this game. However, this does not mean that it is exempt from presenting problems .

In addition, Activision developers have been commissioned to develop their own emulator. Therefore, those who wish to enjoy this video game on their computer can do so very effectively . To this you add that you can configure and play with any controller on the computer.

What to do in case of failures

When a game server is so overloaded, it is normal for some problems to arise . But not everyone deserves to contact Call Of Duty Mobile technical support.

Sometimes the solution is in our hands and they require, therefore, our actions. Therefore, it is generally recommended to improve the performance of games on Android phones on our own.

The microphone problem in Call Of Duty

Tools are implemented within the game that are sorely lacking. Some of these tools are undervalued, and you are not aware of the lack of them until they are not there. One of those tools is precisely the microphone .

As you know, in games that require strategy, communication is providential . The most effective way to communicate in the game is through the microphone. And why is my microphone not showing up in Call Of Duty Mobile? Let’s explore some of the reasons and their solutions.

Microphone disabled

After installation, the game, like any other application, requests that some permissions be granted . Among them, of course, you cannot miss the microphone. Often, in desperation to play, we don’t realize where we are pressing when the request appears.

You may have inadvertently denied access to the microphone . Now, you just have to enable it. How? Very simple, just follow the instructions:

  1. Go to your phone’s settings.
  2. Enter the “Applications” section and choose “Call Of Duty Mobile”.
  3. Locate and access the “Permissions” section.
  4. Click on the “Microphone” box to activate it .

aplicacion activar microfono

Update required

Why is my microphone not appearing in Call Of Duty Mobile if the microphone permission was enabled !? So the problem is elsewhere. It may be as simple as a bug in the game .

The best thing to do, in this case, is to update the game . That is why it is usually recommended to activate the option to update all pending applications automatically.

Everything ok with your Call Of Duty Mobile?

Another alternative is to clear the game cache or uninstall and reinstall Call Of Duty Mobile . However, these options are usually less effective, as it is a server error.

Some other factor that could be damaging your communication is the internet connection . So check that this is stable. Keep enjoying Call Of Duty!

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