If you have been subscribed to many YouTube channels for a long time, it will surely have happened to you that notifications do not reach your mobile. That is why today we will explain in great detail everything you need to know why YouTube notifications always reach you on your Android device .

Steps to fix YouTube notifications on my Android

In case you don’t know, in the YouTube app there is a small control panel where you can configure the priority of notifications for each channel to which you are subscribed. This means that you can mute notifications from a channel without unsubscribing or giving priority to certain channels.

In this new post, we will show you the steps you should follow to fix YouTube notifications on your Android , especially if you notice that notifications from some channels are not reaching you. Fortunately this can be fixed and here we will show you the solution.

  • First, we recommend downloading the latest version of the YouTube app from the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Then, open the app and select the ‘Subscriptions’ option that you will find at the bottom of the main menu screen, right next to the ‘Notifications’ option.
  • Later a list will open where are all the notifications of the channels to which you have previously subscribed and a part where you can use filters for these notifications.

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  • In addition, you will also see an option that says ‘Manage’ that is at the top of the screen, which you must press.
  • Now, you will be sent to the notification control panel where next to your subscriptions to YouTube channels you will see a bell.
  • When activating the notification bell, several options will appear: all, highlighted and none. Normally, the ‘highlighted’ option is the one that is activated by default. However, you can change this, for example if you want all notifications from a specific channel to reach you, then you must select the option that says ‘All’.
  • On the other hand, we tell you that there is no automated way to configure all the notifications of the channels in a simple way. This means that you must configure the priority of the notifications of each channel manually separately.

Why am I not receiving YouTube notifications in my email?

As we well know, YouTube has been characterized by sending notices about the new activity of the channels to which we are subscribed. So much so that for a few months they decided to send email notifications to all users, which fortunately did not last long.

For some time now, YouTube notifications have not reached the inbox of users’ Google accounts. While it is true that it worked for a while, Google developers stated that less than 1% of notifications sent by email were open and also specified that this type of email greatly overloaded users’ inboxes.

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This measure did not replace mobile push notifications at the time, but rather functioned as an additional notification, because many users complained that YouTube did not always notify when channels uploaded videos or made direct, for which it was difficult to watch YouTube videos on time.

In fact, Google assured that eliminating email notifications will decrease visits to youtubers’ channels. It is honestly a relief that they have removed this measure, since it was very annoying to have both the email and the notification bar full of alerts from a single platform.

On the other hand, the fact that YouTube no longer notifies you via email, this does not mean that they will stop sending promotional emails with other services on the platform. In other words, they will focus on sending us important news that has to do with memberships or changes in the platform, instead of filling our inbox with notifications about the channels to which we are subscribed.

If this information has been useful to you, remember to share it with all your contacts so that they learn how to configure YouTube notifications on Android and in this way they will not miss any video.

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