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The social network Facebook has millions of users who share information with more than one person at a time. There is a lot of activity between friends, which facilitates free communication. It is a very useful tool that allows you to meet many in the world, in fact, you can even get friendship suggestions on Facebook .

Why Do I Get Friendship Suggestions on Facebook – What It Means

Among the large number of users who use Facebook, many wonder why “Friendship Suggestions”, as they were called before, or ” People you may know “, as this section is currently known, reach their notifications.

The reality is that there are several reasons why Facebook sends these suggestions and this is precisely what we will dedicate to explain to you in this blog.

Why does Facebook send friend suggestions? What does it mean?

Some people have the idea that it is tedious for Facebook to send these suggestions, while others see it as an advantage to increase their popularity. Whether you have one way of thinking or the other, it will be useful to know what the Facebook protocol is for sending you “Friendship suggestions” or “People you might know.”

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These suggestions that Facebook sends are based on factors determined by the algorithm of the social network, such as the following:

  • Have ” Friends in common ” with the people you follow.
  • Search for contacts that you have made within Facebook.
  • People who have looked for you on the social network.
  • Contacts stored on the cell phone (This happens when you synchronize your contacts with your Facebook account).
  • People you have on other social networks like Instagram.

In the Facebook help service you will also find these and other reasons such as:

  • Belong to the same Facebook group.
  • Be tagged in the same photo.
  • Your networks, such as: work, your school or university; Anyone matching the suggested users.

When these suggestions appear in your notifications it means that Facebook has detected that said user or users meet at least two of these requirements . Some say that these suggestions appear only because they are people who have visited your profile more than once. But, as you see, there are several points that Facebook considers.

Why am I not having mutual friends with some Facebook friendship suggestions?

Once you have these reasons, you may enter the profile of said suggested user and it turns out that, although it appears in the “People you may know” section, it is a complete stranger. Or in other cases, don’t make mutual friends. If that happens to you, it may have been for these two reasons:

  • Although Facebook is always updating the “People You May Know” section to suggest friends, the system may be wrong.
  • You may not get mutual friends because the suggested user has their friends list set to “Private” , which makes the mutual friends list not displayed.

Therefore you should not be scared if the person is unknown to you, just make sure that you really know the person suggested, and if in doubt you can automatically accept or reject all Facebook requests.

What can I do to stop Facebook from suggesting me more to a person?

If you are uncomfortable with a suggestion or do not want to send the request said user, you can easily delete it, or ask to stop receiving friend requests from stranger on facebook. What you have to do is locate the field corresponding to “friendship suggestions” and click on the “x”. Or if you want to block the user and thus not appear again in the suggestions, follow these steps:

  • Enter Facebook Web as usual.
  • Go to the Facebook menu in the upper right.
  • At the end of the list, “Settings” appears, there you must click.
  • Go to the bottom of the list and click on “Privacy”.
  • There a “Blocks” button appears, where you can write the name of the person you want to block.
  • After it appears in the search, press “Block.”
  • Facebook will ask you for a confirmation, where you must click on “Block” again.

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If this method seems too tedious, try this one:

  • Go to the person’s profile.
  • Locate the “More” button and click on it.
  • When the list of options appears, press “Lock.”

So, these are the reasons why we get friendship suggestions on Facebook . If you want to know about this famous social network, be sure to visit our blog.

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