It is common for program or application failures to appear on our electronic devices when we are running them on the PC. And the Twitch platform is not the exemption. That is why here we will talk about how to fix the black screen problem on Twitch on PC.

Why am I getting a Black Screen on my Twitch Streams? – Solution

What is the Twitch platform?

Twitch is an online platform to broadcast , and popularize, the broadcast of a live video game over the Internet as well as non-video game entertainment content.

Solutions for black screen on Twitch

The solutions that we will show you below are effective and safe , do not lose sight of the details of it.

Procedure 1: Clear the cache and cookies

This is a simple way to solve the black screen on your PC, go to the browser you use to carry out the transmission.

  • Enter the default browser, whether it is Google or Firefox, and go to the three dots that appear on the right hand side at the top. (In Firefox you will find three lines like these ☰ and when you click on it go to the search engine and type the word “Cookies” and the removal options will immediately appear).
  • Press the option “More tools”, at the same time the option “Clear browsing data” will appear.
  • This will redirect you to the advanced options of the Chrome settings and the options to clear the browser’s cache and cookies will appear.

pantalla negra

  • Click Clear data and it will be removed.

Procedure 2: Test your browser’s incognito mode

  • To browse privately in Chrome you must press the three dots in the upper right. (If you use Firefox the incognito window option appears in the three lines at the top right of the browser).
  • By pressing these three points you will get the option “New window in incognito”. (When using Firefox you will see the words “New private window” ), click there and it will open.

Procedure 3: Release or renew the IP address

Among the solutions you have on hand is being able to request a new IP Host location ; so renewing it will be very helpful.

  1. Press the “Windows” button + R , this will take you to a mode called “Run”.
  2. Once a small window appears, type in the word “cmd” and hit “Ok”.
  3. In the box that appears, type the word ipconfig / release and press “Enter.”
  4. You will get a message plus a box, write in it ipconfig / renew and press “Enter”.
  5. Type the word “Exit” and “Enter” to close the window. And that’s it!

Procedure 4: disable all extensions and plugins

It is natural that you want to find and install extensions in your browser such as plugins, but sometimes you need to disable them to use Twitch.

  • If you use Chrome, it appears with the puzzle symbol in the upper right , there you can select the one you want to deactivate. (If you use Firefox go to the part of the three lines in the upper right part of the screen). Press there and in this a puzzle-shaped symbol will appear, when selecting, the extensions section will appear.

emision de twitch

  • Regardless of which browser you use , make sure which extension might be affecting Twitch and causing you to black screen.

Procedure 5: Allow Flash Player and JavaScript in your Chrome browser

To avoid the black screen on Twitch you must activate Flash Player in Google and Java Script, below we tell you how to do it.

  1. Type chrome: // settings / content in the address bar press “Enter.”
  2. Locate JavaScript and Flash in the content settings list.
  3. Click on JavaScript and choose “Allow” by clicking the change button.
  4. Go back and click the Flash button to open the Flash Player settings in Chrome.
  5. Change “Block sites from running Flash” to “Ask first” by clicking the toggle button.
  6. Click “Add in front of Allow” and add in the permission list and restart your browser.

Many users have found these tips to fix the black screen on Twitch helped, and we hope this is the case too.

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