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Minecraft is possibly one of the most famous and best known games by the entire Internet community. If you haven’t played it, you probably know someone who does. Given its rise and the fame that it achieved, many wonder: Who is the creator of Minecraft? Learn the story of how Minecraft was created.

Who is the Creator of Minecraft? – Learn the History of how Minecraft was created

Who is the creator of Minecraft?

The creator of Minecraft made himself known to all the players and followers of the game by means of a pseudonym which is Notch. His real name is Markus Persson, and he is of Swedish origin, since he was born in Stockholm. From a very young age he proved to have a lot of talent and computer skills .

He became interested in the most basic programming processes, for 8-bit devices, and mastered them at the age of just 7 years.

In fact, he started as a programmer in simple codes from the familiar computer that he had at the time. From that very moment, he strove to improve his computer skills on his own in a self-taught way.

Something that many do not know, is the fact that his first video game created based on text and simple codes , so we are talking about someone who could easily be a prodigy.

Animal de Minecraft

Thanks to Markus Alexej Persson, today we can enjoy one of the best installments that independent video games have had worldwide. However, the Minecraft story itself is just as inspiring and interesting as that of beloved developer Notch.

Learn the story of how Minecraft was created

In Markus words, he always knew that he wanted to create video games, and acted on that wish. As his skills grew, he first tried an indie or indie game called Infiniminer, which served as inspiration for Minecraft’s gameplay and graphic style .

Influenced by other popular titles such as Dwarf Zone 3 and Dungeon Keeper, he decided to work on a “clone video game” of his own. On his YouTube account, he published a “gameplay” or video of “Let’s play” in which he tested and showed the progress of his creation, which he called “Cave Game Tech Test”. Under this name, the project continued to develop.

Shortly after that, our dear Notch released a demo version of his video game on an independent developer forum. The game generated a very positive response, leading the entire community to build mind-bogglingly crafty structures and creations. Little by little animals, trees, different materials and so on were added.

However, Notch decided to create his own company called Mojang, which would be a useful tool to continue the development of Minecraft. Update after update were added tools such as swords and picks, dynamite, enemies, and different game modes. Currently you can even put mini-games in Minecraft very easily.

Crear granja en Minecraft

The Internet gaming community did their job to make the game popular until YouTubers exploited all of its features, including multiplayer with two or more players. After years of success, Notch decided to sell his game to the Microsoft company, who have been able to improve it progressively but almost perfectly.

Is Minecraft worth playing?

While indie games aren’t usually the favorite genres of video games for the general public, there are some gems that stick out. Minecraft can easily be called the best gem that exists among independent games. It is the most purchased and distributed video game worldwide, and the one with the most updates per year that can be downloaded and installed for free on the PC.

Anyone can enjoy fighting monsters, making crops, farms, searching for hidden minerals in dangerous mines and more. But the best thing is that no matter how old someone is, you can always play Minecraft and have an entertaining and very stressful time.

From building your house, making an epic mansion, a castle, or a fortress; even going to other dimensions to prove your worth, it is a great universe of possibilities. Without a doubt, this gem is worth it in every way and deserves the success it has and is likely to maintain.

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