One of the most popular platforms for buying and selling second hand items is Vinted. Probably, you have already purchased one or another garment through the application, but let’s say that now you want to publish several items to sell, you may wonder where should I leave or take a Vinted package that I want to send? Here we will clarify all your doubts about Vinted shipments.

If you have followed our tricks to sell more on Vinted, surely you already have several offers for your published articles and the time has come to send them. As Vinted is an international platform, shipping options may vary from country to country or location to location.

Where do I have to leave or take a Vinted Package that I want to send? Vinted Shipping

In addition, you must make the shipment according to the method and the parcel or shipping company that your buyer chooses, because the shipping costs will be paid by him. Therefore, first, you must configure in your account which shipping methods you can offer to your buyers. Let’s see, the steps you must follow to make this configuration.

Set up shipping methods

To establish the shipping methods that you will offer to your buyers, log into your account and click on the menu icon or on your profile and select the “Settings” option.

Then, click on the “Shipping” option, inside you will see the shipping options and parcel companies that are available in your area . You can activate or deactivate the available options, but there will be some that will be activated by default and you cannot remove.

configuracion de envios en vinted

On the other hand, to ensure good shipping management, it is also important that, when publishing the article, you choose the correct size of the package.

To do this, select one of the available sizes and click on “See measurements and prices” , in this way you will be able to find out about the shipping rates of the companies, weights and size limits in the packages. Make sure you properly package your item according to these guidelines.

Places to ship by Vinted

When a user makes the purchase of one of your items, they will choose the shipping method of their convenience according to the options that you placed at their disposal.

Detailed shipping instructions will be delivered to Vinted’s inbox immediately, and you will have 5 to 7 business days to complete. These are the places where you can take your package according to the agreed method:

  • Post Office, Post Office, DHL Service Point, Mondial Relay, Relais Colis, Chrono Shop2Shop, DHL Home Delivery, Punto Pack, Homerr or DPD

If your buyer chooses one of these shipping companies, from the buyer conversation screen you will need to download the prepaid shipping label .

Place it in your package and take it to the center or delivery point of the company selected by your buyer. Then, follow the delivery of the package from the conversation screen with your buyer and confirm that everything has gone well.

mujer empaquetando envio

  • Paq 24, Correos International, La Poste, PostNL, Bpost or Colissimo

In case your buyer chooses one of these companies, you will have to take the package to the office closest to you and pay for the shipment in advance.

At the time of delivery, you will receive a tracking number for the package, which you must enter in the conversation screen with the buyer and then press the “Item shipped” button .

After your buyer receives the product, you will receive the payment for the item, plus the shipping refund, to your Vinted account.

  • Custom shipping

If you agree with your buyer a personalized shipment, they will be able to choose other shipping and transport companies other than those recommended by Vinted. In this case, in the conversation line you should clearly establish the shipping process and confirm that your buyer agrees.

This can have certain advantages, such as opting for lower rates, but it can also involve dangers, as Vinted will not be responsible for loss or other shipping failure.

Therefore, whether you are a seller or a buyer, find out very well about the safest methods in your area so that you can ship or receive your items safely. Now it only remains to receive the payment for your sale and collect your money from Vinted.

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