During the COVID-19 pandemic, interactions on social media have been on the rise. Thousands of people present their cases and recommendations against this virus through the different platforms available.

It is not surprising that Instagram is one of the most used networks during the confinement or quarantine established in many countries. That is why you should know where the guides are on Instagram and how I can see them.

In this way, Instagram will take care of collecting the most outstanding and interesting about your main interests and will show it to you in a special section. Definitely a tool with which to stay informed about the latest events, tips and recommendations.

Specific and detailed information

The guides are from the latest Instagram update. The main objective of this tool was for users to easily find content related to organizations, events and public figures.

However, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the object of this useful tool had to undergo some modifications. This is how “Guides” was oriented to show publications related to advice and recommendations to prevent and face the virus. So, get ready to turn on Instagram notifications.

Rapid expansion

It did not take long for the guides to have enough flexibility to suit the interests of users . This would not have been possible, of course, without the contribution of important organizations and figures who frequent this platform.

informacion instagram usar plataforma

A clear example of this is that of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The publications of this organization are in a guide called “Mental Health and COVID-19” .

You no longer have to search for specific profiles to see Instagram stories when you have all the content packed. Knowing where the guides are on Instagram, you can access the latest publications on exercises, stretching and healthy food.

Tourism and economy

Another important aspect about this tool is the scope it may have in the future. Of course, the first thing is health and it is the content that predominates at the moment. But the guides will also be very important when it comes to including products, services and places .

This is how it is expected that this important tool will have enough power to encourage, post-pandemic, the visit to extraordinary places, as well as recommendations for accommodation, food, transportation, among other things.

Where to find them?

To access this interesting implementation that Instagram has made, you just have to follow some instructions. Do not worry! It is not difficult or very hidden, you just have to pay attention to the following:

encontrar ayuda para instagram redes sociales

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. At the top left, you will see an icon with a plus sign (+) .
  3. Click on the aforementioned icon.
  4. A menu will be displayed. Proceed to select the “Guide” option.
  5. Now, you have the possibility to choose what type of guide you want: publications, products or places.
  6. Add content (you can include both posts from other accounts and yours).
  7. Give your guide a title and description.
  8. Choose an image to set as a cover.
  9. All ready to share!

You have problems?

At first, this type of tool was intended to be used by a specific type of account. However, due to the impact it has had, “Guides” is now available to all users . If you have problems to see where on Instagram the guides are, it is recommended to proceed to update Instagram.

Enjoy everything that Instagram brings to you

One of the most used social networks today has looked for a way to hook its users. The “Guides” option is just one of them. Instagram also gives you the opportunity to enjoy live events with your friends.

You can also enjoy other tools such as those that allow you to schedule posts on Instagram. If you have problems, you always have the frequently asked questions section available. That way, you could even fix problems with the camera on Instagram. Get the most out of all the Instagram features!

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