Everyone is waiting for how well the PS5 will work, now that finally this November 12 has reached the whole world, that is why this guide will give a review of the specifications of the console, and of course will answer the question Where can I buy the PlayStation 5?

And it is that, it was to be expected that great euphoria will be generated by the exit of this new console, since the Play fans come from the PS4, which is considered one of the best consoles in history, due to its exclusive games and unique features , like the one that lets you edit videos with ShareFactory.

Where can I buy the PlayStation 5? Price, Features and Release Date

It should be noted before starting, that everything you will read today is official information taken from the same official PlayStation page and other specialized websites, so you can firmly believe what you see.

Where can I buy the PlayStation 5?

The stores in Spain that currently sell the PS5 are: GAME, in which you can buy the console at once, or put it aside if it is exhausted leaving an initial payment of 50 euros, Xtralife, where you can buy and reserve the console online , paying with PayPal or any other online banking method.

mando dualsense ps5

Also among other stores is Carrefour, which is a food store above all else, but despite that in its technology section it has the PS5 (best of all, it allows you to finance it within 10 months ).

In turn, you can buy the PS5 through Amazon, which would be the online store par excellence, since you can get even packages that come with more controls, headphones, etc.

And finally this TTD video games, which has already opened a special section only for the PS5 on its website, and allows you to set it aside for only 40 euros of payment. It is known that other stores may start the sale such as: FNAC and Mediamatk. It should be noted that the price of the console is 499 euros in its full version, and 399 euros if you want to get the digital version.

Features of the new Sony console

With everything you read, the question should be more than clear, Where can I buy the PlayStation 5?, So now you will see what the characteristics of this console animal are, so you can decide if you want it.

Before telling you the technical specifications, you should know that the PS5 improved a lot compared to its previous version, since with it the loading times of the screens will be eliminated, it will also allow ultra-speed streaming.

In the same way, the internal storage will be increased, the graphics will be improved, and a new control with more battery will be introduced, so you do not have to worry about extending the battery life of the control, which incorporates new technologies such as adaptive triggers .

sony logo playstation

Now the technical specs are: a 3.5 GHz Zen 2 8-core CPU (variable frequency), a 10.28 TFLOPs GPU, 36 2.23 GHz CUs (variable frequency), a custom RDNA 2 GPU architecture, memory / 16 GB GDDR6 / 256-bit interface.

Storage expansion Slot NVMe SSD, external storage with USB HDD compatibility, a 4K UHD Blu-ray optical reader , 448 GB / s memory bandwidth, custom 825 GB SSD storage and IO 5.5 GB / s (Pure) and 8-9 GB / s on average (Compressed).

And voila, with everything read it can be said that you not only learned where I can buy the PlayStation 5, but also its specifications.

Therefore, the only thing you have to do is go to put your console aside, and also look for How to change the online ID on PS4?, So that you enter the new generation as new.

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