Xbox Game Pass is one of the best subscription services out there today. Because it allows console and PC players to have a catalog of more than 100 free games to download. This is why you should learn how to buy an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gift card.

And, this subscription is becoming one of the most important things for Windows console players, since it is like having Netflix for video games, with a list of games that are renewed monthly.

Where and How to Buy an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Gift Card?

No one should miss the opportunity to enjoy this service and with that in mind this tutorial was created. Which, you can also complement by looking for What is and how does Xbox Game Pass Ultimate work? At the end, so that you can buy your card and activate the service.

How to buy an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gift card?

Now, to get straight to the point and quickly learn how to buy an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gift card , you should know that there are several ways to carry out this process, that is, you have several options when looking for and obtaining your card .

The first of these is through the official Microsoft store in your country, which is available in most countries in the world. To search for it you just have to put in your browser, “buy Xbox gift card”.

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With that you should first get a direct link, which when you click it will take you to the desired store. Within its interface, you will notice that you can choose between buying the PC and Xbox code , because the service is available for both platforms.

Once you have chosen any of the two options, you will be taken to a section where the gift card will appear. This has various prices ranging from 10 euros to 75.

When you set the price, proceed to press the button called “Add to cart.” You will then be redirected to another page that will be your cart list. There you just have to press “Finish order” (option that will be on the right side of the screen), and that will allow you to configure a payment option and finish the purchase.

Upon completion, you will receive a code to your email which you can enter on the corresponding platform and add the amount of the card you have purchased, so that you can start downloading and installing Xbox Game Pass games.

Buy the Xbox Game Pass with the gift card!

Now that you know the above, you are closer to solving the question How to buy an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gift card? Since now that you have your card, you will only have to go to the platform where you will put it to buy the Ultimate service.

The first thing you must do to achieve this is to redeem the card you just bought. In the case of PC, you only have to go to, and there enter the code of your card. On the Xbox, you must go to the Store, and press the option “Use a code”, then enter the code and that’s it.

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Once you have done it, you will have to go now from the search engine of the pc or the Xbox one to the Game Pass section, placing the name of it. When you find it, you just have to pay it and that’s it.

Get your subscription on Amazon!

With the above, you already know how to buy an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gift card, but there is also another way to get the service directly. To do this you have to search in your browser for “Game Pass Ultimate Subscription”, with that you will get several links of stores that sell the service for 1, 3 and up to 6 months. You can use any but it is recommended to buy it on Amazon.

The procedure to obtain it is the same as any Amazon product, you only have to choose how many months you want the subscription, and then add the purchase to the cart to later pay and obtain the code you must enter, which will give you access to everything includes Xbox Game Pass Ultimate .

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