For video game lovers, Microsoft has recently launched a cloud video game platform that sounds very promising. If you still do not know much about this platform called xCloud, you should not worry, because today we explain what is xCloud and how does it work? Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform.

What is and How does xCloud Work? The Microsoft Cloud Gaming Platform

What is xCloud and how does it work?

Project xCloud is a video game streaming platform, whose service is based on the fact that users will be able to play in the cloud, that is, they will not need to download video games on their devices.

This dynamic of video game storage in the cloud is based on the fact that video games are contained in various servers distributed in different locations around the planet, and for the user to access them, they only need to have an internet connection.

xCloud is made for all those who want to enjoy the Xbox video game catalog or Microsoft Game Pass video games from their mobile devices.

Project xCloud beta was launched in 2019 for countries such as the United States, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. But it is in May 2020 that Microsoft has started to implement xCloud for users in European countries such as Spain and as time passes it will surely be implemented in Latin America and other regions.

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So far, the aforementioned territories have only been able to enjoy the beta version, as the release date of the official version of Project xCloud is still a mystery. On the other hand, this video game streaming service can only be used on mobiles or tablets with the Android operating system.

How Project xCloud works

The key to the operation of this platform is in Microsoft Azure, which is a service created by Microsoft itself, which allows applications and services to be managed and administered through the cloud, this with Microsoft databases. .

By giving you a simpler explanation, all this achieves is that users can simply connect to the internet and start playing all the numerous Xbox games from mobile devices , thus avoiding the use of consoles, televisions, cables and so on. All of this is also possible with decent image quality and the ability to play anywhere, of course, you must have a good internet connection.

How can I use xCloud?

What you will need

  1. Have the Xbox Game Pass application and hire the advantageous Game Pass Ultimate service, which has a price in euros of 12.99 per month
  2. Device with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher and it must have Android 6.0 or higher
  3. Xbox Wireless Bluetooth Controller
  4. Improve the Wi-Fi connection or mobile data that runs at 5 GHz and with 10 Mbps downstream, so that the games look good and do not stick
  5. And finally, and a very important factor, is to have an invitation to access the beta platform

How to start using xCloud on Android

First, you must download like any other Game Pass Beta application from Google Play on your Android device. When you log in for the first time, you will see a welcome screen with a button to log in with the Microsoft account you used to purchase Game Pass Ultimate. If you have not registered yet, click on the Register button and you will be able to register and pay for the Ultimate service.

You can also log into the Game Pass app in the Profile section at the bottom center just by entering your email, phone number or Skype. And from there you can also check if your session is already started.

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After logging in with your email and password, they will show you a summary of your account and you must click on “Let’s play”, to log into Game Pass again, but this time permanently.

After this you must click on the Cloud tab , which will take you by default to your Android device, once you are in that section, all video games will have the Play button that you must press to play it, then you will be asked to connect and configure the Bluetooth remote to start playing on your mobile device.

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