If you are looking for a page or platform that allows you to watch and stream , you have come to the right place, since here you will be shown the best that exists. That is why today’s tutorial will teach you What is Twitch and how does it work ?, so you can start using it right away.

And it is that, in the world where we live, the platforms that are taking the greatest boom are those of direct or stream, because with these you can make a video without having to edit it , which means that newbies can also record and transmit. So with that in mind today you will take the first step to join this new community.

What is and How Does Twitch Work? – Start using Twitch step by step

What is Twitch and how does it work?

In order for you to start immersing yourself in the world of streaming, the first thing you have to learn is what Twitch is and how it works, because as already mentioned, this platform is the queen of all.

Basically Twitch is a streaming platform focused on video games mostly. Where the greatest Youtubers and players in the world broadcast the games of their favorite games (as fans or competitors).

In addition, this platform is also used by large game companies to hold tournaments that are broadcast live (for example, Fortnite, Fall Guys, among many other titles).

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Twitch is completely free and you can use all its add-ons without paying anything (such as the one that allows you to monetize streams), however, it also has a subscription service called Twitch Prime , which gives you extra benefits such as free games and subscriptions to your buyers (it costs 4 euros).

This paid modality was added by the Amazon giant, after it bought the platform in 2014, with the aim of making it the best (which they achieved quickly and efficiently).

How to get started on Twitch?

Now that you know the first part of the question: What is Twitch and how does it work? It is time for you to learn how to use it, so that the doubt is completely cleared from your mind.

The first thing you have to do is create an account, this is very easy, you just have to go to its official page, and click the “Register” button that appears in the upper right corner.

This action will allow you to fill out a form which must include your name, email and password. Once created, a link will be sent for you to confirm the account and you’re ready to use it.

See direct and channels

In order to use Twitch properly, you have to learn how to find your favorite channels or favorite streamers. This can be done through the browser (the option is in the main menu).

In this browser you can filter your searches by categories or tags, for example if you want to see a shooting game, you must place first person shooter, Battle Royale, among others.

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To enter a live show, you just have to press it when it is live. Within these you can comment, send emoticons and even donate money to the user who is in the streaming.

In addition, another option you have is to start following the channel (like on YouTube), or pay to subscribe to it and receive benefits. Both things are done by entering the player’s profile, and pressing the “Subscribe” or “Follow” buttons, respectively.

Live on Twitch

On this platform you can not only be a spectator, you can also be a content creator, however to start streaming and recording my video games on Twitch it is necessary to download the OBS Studio program, which is the streaming software to use. .

Since Twitch is only the intermediary, not the program that performs the live show like YouTube. When you already have OBS, you will have to install and configure it on your computer, and once you have done it, you just have to press “Start transmission” and that’s it.

With that last, you already know what Twitch is and how it works in broad strokes, so the only thing you have to do is keep looking for information that complements this one you just read, such as: how to make a live on Twitch from the PC yes lag.

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