Excel functions are essential operations to increase the productivity of the application while reducing the work of users. For this reason, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn what is the DELTA function in Excel and what is it used for?

Formulas in Excel

In Excel, formulas are codes that are inserted into cells. These codes are used to create calculations that return results which are presented in another cell. Therefore, every Excel user needs to know how all the formulas are used if they want to really take advantage of this application.

Every formula in Excel begins with the “=” sign next to the function to be applied and a series of arguments between parentheses.

Functions in Excel

Functions in Excel correspond to one of the parts of a formula. These elements are used to operate on one or more securities following a specific order.

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One of the most outstanding utilities of the functions is that they allow to increase the productivity of the Excel application and also facilitate the obtaining of reports by optimizing the work and the efficient use of the databases.

What is the DELTA function in Excel and what is it used for?

Excel has a wide variety of functions that are distributed according to certain categories. Next, we will explain what the DELTA function in Excel consists of and what it is for.

What is the DELTA function in Excel?

The DELTA function in Excel or also known as “Kronecker’s Delta” corresponds to the “Engineering” category. This is an operation that is used to compare two numbers and return the value “1” when they are the same or “0” if they are not.

Generally, the DELTA function in Excel is used to filter a set of values. In this sense, a summation of several DELTA functions can be performed in order to obtain the matching pairs.

What is the DELTA function for in Excel?

Instead of comparing two repeated highlights, the DELTA function in Excel is used to evaluate or check two numbers for the purpose of comparing them only. In case the numbers are equal, the function returns a value #VALUE or #VALUE when the arguments are not of numeric type, the value 1 if the arguments match and the value 0 when they do not match.

What is the syntax of the DELTA function?

The DELTA function syntax is very simple. This consists of writing the name of the function and including the two arguments that refer to two numeric values separated by a “;”. Therefore, the syntax is expressed like this: DELTA (number1; number2).

How to use the DELTA function in Excel

To make use of the DELTA function in Excel it is necessary to insert two numeric values in two different cells. Then, place the cursor where you want to get the result.

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Go to the formula bar at the top of the spreadsheet. Click on “fx” and in the “Category” section select “Engineering.” Next, choose “DELTA” and in the new window, press the red arrow icon to locate number 1 and then do the same for number 2. Press the “OK” button.

Can I compare multiple values by using DELTA function in Excel?

Indeed, it is possible to compare several number pairs in order to obtain several results. To achieve this, you must insert a list of numbers that will be compared with another list as long as the whole set is of type numeric. Make sure to remove or remove duplicate data in Excel if you need only one match position.

Once you have the table of numerical pairs located in two different columns, access the formula bar, locate the DELTA function and in the option “Number 1” select the first cell and drag until the last element corresponding to the first number is covered of the pair. Go through the same process for “Number 2” and click “OK.”

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