Shadow Banning or also known as Shadowban is a phenomenon that is affected by many users of social networks, among them celebrities and politicians who claim to be victims of this phenomenon that is becoming more and more frequent; But if you don’t know what it means to be a victim of Shadow Banning, in this post we will explain what Shadow Banning is on social networks and how can we avoid it?

What is Shadow Banning on social media?

Shadow Banning (shadow banning in Spanish) is the action carried out by social networks to limit or silence those accounts or profiles that violate the terms and conditions established by social networks. The objective of this ban is to keep the users that make up said social network safe from people who may be using their profile to cause damage.

When Shadowban is applied to a user this happens without any kind of notification, therefore the owner of the profile does not realize that he was silenced because his comments and publications will continue to appear on his account, but will only be limited to his followers ; As a consequence, its content will not be visible to those users who do not follow it, so your account will not grow because your publications will not be shown to new followers.

The ban is mainly produced by the misuse of social networks ; such as massively repeating the same hashtags, following many accounts in a short time, using third-party tools or some people make massive complaints about the account; then the social network in question places a type of fine, that is, it limits the scope of the profile.

icono de instagram y detras un simbolo de hashtag

Knowing if you are a victim of Shadow Banning is simple, check if the reach of your publications and interaction is reduced only to your followers. For example, on Instagram you can check who has viewed your stories if only your followers do so, maybe your account was silenced.

Another thing you can do is make a post with a hashtag, then ask a person other than your follower to search for that hashatg, if the person doesn’t get that post, it is because your account was silenced.

Tips to avoid falling victim to Shadow Banning

  • Avoid being a victim of Shadowban by reading the terms and conditions of each social network established so as not to violate its rules without realizing it.
  • Never generate Spam on your social networks ; This happens when you post the same content repeatedly on the same day. For example, on Instagram you can generate spam when you repeat the same hashtags in a massive way.
  • Avoid posting content that encourages violence, discriminatory messages, nude images or pornography, as this type of content leads to your account being silenced. On Instagram you must be careful with the type of hashtags (#) that you use because some may mention pornography, violence or disrespect for the norms of a country, so you must use the hashtags correctly in each of your publications.
  • Never use bots to increase your number of friends, followers or to increase your likes or likes.

persona usando sus redes sociales correctamente para evitar el shandowban

  • Don’t send friend requests or follow-ups in bulk the same day, don’t like too many likes or likes in a short amount of time.
  • Never comment on the publications of other users in a massive way, many users tend to make 60 comments to different members of a social network in one hour plus 60.
  • Make publications with content that is not offensive or harmful, because if users report or denounce your account you will be a victim of Shadow Banning and in the most extreme cases your account can be eliminated forever.
  • Never use third-party tools to manipulate your social networks, because sooner or later they will damage the reputation of your account and you will end up being a victim of Shadowban.
  • Take care that your comments towards other users are not violent or discriminatory.

When a social network applies a Shadowban it is usually removed after two or three weeks, but for this you must avoid making publications and any type of comment, also you must not give likes. Follow the advice in this post to avoid falling victim to Shadowban on the most popular social networks of the moment.

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