It is never too late to open the doors to love, and 50 is a very good age to find love, since more maturity and experience have already been acquired. A tool that can help you find that special person is with the OurTime app, would you like to know more? Stay with us and find out what is OurTime and how does it work? The best dating app for people over 50.

What is and How Does OurTime Work? The Best Dating App for Over 50s

What is OurTime and how does it work?

OurTime is an application intended for men and women over 50 to find a partner by meeting through the activities organized by the application or by chat.

This application allows people in their 50s to find that special someone with whom they will share common tastes, hobbies, hobbies, among others and with some luck to consolidate a relationship beyond the app. This application guarantees its users a pleasant and intuitive platform, with privacy and security for users.

How does it work

To start using it you must download it from your mobile application store, register and complete your profile. In the registration process you should mainly include your name, age, interests you have and create a small but detailed description of your skills and outstanding traits.

Also add your email (if you don’t have one, you must create an email before registering). In order for you to find your ideal partner more easily, you also need to dedicate yourself to specifying what you would like to share in the long term with your future partner.

Another crucial factor is to place a good photo of yourself , where the quality of person you are is clearly noticeable. After the registration process, you can start looking for the other singles who are in the app and start chatting with the chosen people.

encontrar pareja en app ourtime

OurTime allows you to find a partner very easily regardless of whether you are over 50 years old, thanks to its search filters , since you can place the interests you are looking for in your future partner. In this way, people with the same interests as yours will appear and it will be easier for you to start pleasant conversations on the platform.

Also in the app, when you log in you will see the singles who are online at the same time as you and who will surely be available to chat there. OurTime also has a photo gallery, which allows you to see the photos of the singles available at the moment and in this way make your daily choice.

Events and meetings at OurTime

Unlike other dating or dating apps, OurTime makes sure that its users interact with each other not only through the app, but also in the real world.

That is why they constantly organize all kinds of events such as walks, concerts, trips or any outdoor activity in order for users to more easily connect with someone who matches their favorite hobbies.

The best thing about these types of meetings organized by OurTime is that the user is encouraged to bring 3 friends with them to events, so that they can all have a good time meeting new people.

Tips for Success Using OurTime

  • Take care of your image but don’t overdo it: this is a mostly visual-based dating app, so what you project visually is important, so looking presentable and well-dressed is crucial. Sure, you should look good, but you should not fall for the lie, when uploading photos that are not yours or pretending something that you are not really.

chat conversar para encontrar pareja ourtime

  • Be funny and make conversation entertaining – if you have a good sense of humor , use it, this gets a lot of attention. Also, when talking to someone, try to make it a comfortable conversation, talking about their personal interests and showing personal interest in the other person.
  • Be honest and do not rush: try to follow these tips, but without abandoning your own personality, try to be your best version, your natural version . If you’ve met someone, get to know them well before you formalize anything serious.

With OurTime, singleness for people over 50 will be a thing of the past, because they can find a partner easily and quickly.

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