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Do you want to know a little more about Photoshop? What is it, what is Adobe Photoshop for and what are its tools ? Then keep reading because in this article we are going to go into details about this powerful image editing program.

From creating a cover, to making particle dispersion effects, to putting a tattoo on a person’s photo. With Photoshop you can do everything you imagine when you want to edit any kind of photography.

Next, we are going to make a summary review of different Photoshop tools , the most basic for those who are just starting with this program. Remember that on our blog we have a huge number of tutorials for you to learn how to use the Adobe program like a professional.

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What is Photoshop?

Since its launch Photoshop has enjoyed enormous popularity. It is a complex program, but at the same time simple to use for image editing . With a huge number of tools you can not only edit images at a professional level. But also create graphics and photographs.

What is Adobe Photoshop for?

Photoshop evolved over time and thanks to its multiple versions that update after update presented us with different news. At present it is one of the most used programs for graphic design of all kinds, whether for cards, backgrounds, posters, logos, websites, etc.

The program has a huge variety of tools to perform hundreds of actions related to images. Next, we are going to review the most useful and basic tools that this powerful program offers.

And to be clear, we do a review of the basic tools , since to try to explain everything that can be done with Photoshop, we would need a considerably large and detailed guide.

But if these are your first steps and you want to have a basic notion about this program, then read on.

aplicacion photoshop

What are the tools in Adobe Photoshop?

  • Rectangular frame : The tool in question is used to select different sectors of the work area, either square or rectangular.
  • Elliptical frame : It blames the function of the previous tool, only in this case the selection will be circular or elliptical.
  • Move : Once we have the area selected what we can do is use the move tool to move it, obviously.
  • Loop : With this function what we can do is make varied selections at our whim in detail. Excellent for removing the background from different images or photographs.
  • Magic wand : It is a way to select specific areas regardless of their shape. Select according to the colors. If you have a red background that you want to remove, use the wand to select the entire background with one click.
  • Brush : To be able to draw on the layer that we are working freehand.
  • Eraser : How you are imagining works to erase anything that we have in that layer.
  • Crop : It is used to crop an image, useful for various situations.

Those mentioned above are the most basic tools that we have at a glance. Since Photoshop actually has many other available options and combinations to be able to do different jobs and obtain flawless results.

For those who want to become image editing professionals , learning how to use Photoshop perfectly and doing things like cutting hair with Photoshop is a must nowadays. Since it is a considerably powerful program, it is always kept up-to-date and at the forefront of alternatives.

If you still have any questions about Photoshop and all the tools it offers you to carry out photo editing work, then you can leave it in the comment box which you can find a little further down.

Remember that you can obtain this important application legally from its official website. At the same time, there are many very interesting programs on the official Adobe website.

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