If you are new to this social network and you still don’t know what it is and how to send a DM on Instagram , don’t worry, we will explain it to you today. To begin with, you should know that DM means direct message, so in addition to posting photos, you can also send private messages like in any other social network. You can not only send these messages from your mobile, you can also send DMs on Instagram from your PC.

What is and How to Send a DM in INSTAGRAM

With this option, you can send messages to one or more people and you can include photos, videos, publications, profiles, among others. Even if you don’t follow someone, you can send them a direct message (DM) in Windows 10 , as long as they accept the message request.

Additionally, in your posts you can also invite people to DM you to get more information about what you’ve posted. Also, you can use it in a publication of a friend, to indicate that you will send a DM, for any questions you have.

On the other hand, you can simply send a direct message to a person, either through their profile or by entering the message icon. How useful is the DM , so if you want to know how they are sent, read the information that we will indicate below.

Steps to send a DM on Instagram

Now that you know what a DM is on Instagram, it is important that you know how to send them, so that you can start putting it into practice. Its delivery is extremely simple and the best of all is that you can have a private chat with whoever you decide.

To achieve this, follow the steps that you will see below, and you will realize that it is easier than you think:

  • Login to your Instagram account as usual.
  • Once inside, touch the icon in the shape of “Airplane” that you will find in the upper right part of the screen.
  • You will see a list of suggestions of people to whom you can send a message, if the person to whom you will send the DM appears select it. If it does not appear, write your name in the bar that has a “Magnifying glass” at the top of the screen and when you find it, click on it.
  • It will take you to another window, where you can write the message you want to send at the bottom of the screen. Once you write it, press “Send” and that’s it.

Following these instructions you can send a DM to whoever you decide, you can also send them by entering the person’s profile directly. In this case you must do the following:

  • Enter your Instagram, as you normally do.
  • When you are inside, press the “Magnifying Glass” that appears in the lower left part of the screen.
  • A window will open and at the top you will see the magnifying glass again and it says “Search” there write the name of the person.
  • When you find it, select it and doing so will take you to its profile.
  • At the top of your profile click on the option that says “Send message”.
  • Once inside, write the message you want to send, mark “Send” and that’s it.

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Steps to send posts by direct messages

Now, as we mentioned at the beginning of the post, with Instagram direct messages (DM), you can also send publications . This is very important, because when looking at publications you may come across one that you know may interest one of your contacts.

To do this, follow the following steps:

  • Enter your Instagram as you always do.
  • Find the publication you want to send to your friend, to do this, go directly to the profile of the person who published it. Already in the previous instructions we show you how to enter the profile of a specific person.
  • When you find the publication, you will notice that three icons appear at the bottom of it, mark the one with the “Plane Icon” .
  • A window will appear with some suggestions of people to whom you can send it, if you cannot find the person you want, look for it. To do this, write your name in the “Bar with the magnifying glass” that appears at the top.
  • When you find it, press “Send” and that’s it.

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As you may have noticed, it is extremely easy to send a DM on Instagram , so, if you could already do it, leave us a comment. But if you sent a wrong message you can delete or delete conversations sent by direct message on Instagram.

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