que es hangouts, para que sirve como funciona hangouts

Today we are going to see What is Hangouts? What is Hangouts for and how does it work? Google’s commitment to a complete instant messaging app that has a lot to offer. With a lot of interesting features that are worth highlighting.

What is Hangouts – What is it for and How Hangouts Works

Currently there is a fairly large number of instant messaging applications. WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger can quickly come to mind. Even Instagram allows us to communicate by messages with our friends.

However, Google Hangouts is a very complete app that can be useful for a large number of situations. Do you want to learn a little more about this app ? We are going to go into details in this article where we will try to tell you about the benefits of this Google bet in the complicated and competitive world of instant messaging.

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What is Hangouts?

Basically Hangouts is an app to communicate with your friends by text messages, voice calls and video calls, very similar to other applications like WhatsApp. It is possible to use it from mobile devices and Google Chrome on computers.

Among the most basic options we find the possibility of sending varied files, emojis, seeing when our friends read the messages and are replying, creating groups, etc.

Video calls work great and the quality of both audio and video is quite decent compared to other similar apps. At the same time it allows video calls of up to 10 people. Even if one or more of these people meet from a computer, there is no problem.

Among the things you can do in video calls you find the ability to add both visual and sound effects , watch videos, take pictures and share things thanks to Google Drive.

What is Hangouts for? How to use Hangouts?

As we have been telling you, it is a Google instant messaging application . The only problem is that the internet giant has stopped supporting the app for some time, announcing that it is permanently abandoning it.

However, for the moment it continues to work without any kind of problems optimally both on computers and mobile devices. It is an excellent alternative to keep in touch with your friends.

Using this app is quite simple and all you need is to have a Gmail or Google account (which would be the same) to be able to access all the functions of said app.

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Hangouts Features and Benefits

The main feature of it is the video calls that to be a simple app maintain an impeccable quality almost at the same level as Skype. Let us remember that, for example, WhatsApp does not have a great video and audio quality which, despite being acceptable, leaves a lot to be desired for the most demanding.

You can also make live broadcasts that will be published on your Google+ account. From the Play Store itself you can get this app to start using it without any kind of problems.

Perhaps the only bad thing about the application is that it is not as popular as WhatsApp or Skype. So getting people to make video calls is something that, in many cases, you will have to agree with specific people through other channels.

However, Hangouts is an attractive app with a large number of functions which is worth trying if you want something new and above all if other similar applications have not met your expectations.

In Miracomosehace you can find a wide variety of Hangouts tutorials and tricks where you will learn a little more about this forgotten Google application that still works quite well.

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