The quarantine has been the starting point for many applications to be able to boost themselves and make the leap in quality, because teleworking, virtual classes and even applications for learning have become very popular due to the obligation to stay at home.

Such is the case of applications such as Zoom, Netflix Party and even Duolingo , which is a very useful, simple and practical application to learn to speak different languages. This last app is very well known but has increased its popularity a lot recently.

What is Duolingo Plus? – Know All the Advantages and Benefits

Duolingo allows you to learn languages in a very practical way, it has several modules and lessons where you can see images, hear words and write to improve your learning.

There are also specialized versions such as Duolingo Plus. Don’t you know what this new version is about? Don’t worry, in the following article we will explain what Duolingo Plus is and the advantages and benefits that it can offer you.

What is Duolingo?

If you like languages, you have probably heard of Duolingo, a web platform, which also has its own mobile application, aimed at learning different languages, with special emphasis on English proficiency.

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In the Duolingo course you will find all kinds of languages, among which are English, French, Italian, Catalan, Swedish, Russian and many more. Also, if you speak English, there are courses in Japanese, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Turkish, Hebrew, Irish, Ukrainian, and there are other courses for speakers of other alternative languages.

The website is designed in such a way that the user, as he progresses in his lessons, becomes an active participant in everything related to the translation of pages and documents , thus maintaining constant learning and practice of the language.

What is Duolingo Plus?

Duolingo Plus is a more specialized version of the original application. This version is paid and offers private classes, personalized attention and even deepening of the lessons to further improve proficiency in the language being learned.

Duolingo Plus arises with the purpose of increasing the learning experience and granting a proficiency in English that allows you to develop naturally in that language. In addition, with the income that this Premium version collects, the platform is maintained in order to offer a good service to the rest of the users for free.

Benefits offered by Duolingo Plus

The paid version of Duolingo offers a wide variety of benefits. Some of the most prominent are the ability to have access to all content completely free of ads and advertising .

Another of the useful benefits that Duolingo Plus offers is a power saving mode in which you can save data and battery while doing the lessons. However, this option is only available for iOS devices with the latest version of the application.

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You will also find that this version of Duolingo Plus offers the option of downloading the content of the lessons to be able to do them offline. It is important to note that this option is only available for the mobile version. In addition, you can only unlock the lessons that are unlocked, that is, those that are in accordance with the user’s level.

Finally we also find other benefits such as unlimited lives, the possibility of exonerating yourself without limits from units, a Streak Restorer per month and Progress / Mastery Test.

How to get Duolingo Plus?

To access Duolingo Plus you must access the official Duolingo website and you must click on the “Store” option and then you can click on “More information” to see the Duolingo Plus ad and follow the instructions to purchase the subscription .

If Duolingo Plus is not available, it is probably because you have active sections. In that case, you must delete the section in order to purchase the subscription. After subscribing, you will be able to access the section but you must have the code for it.

The cost of the Duolingo Plus subscription is $ 9.90 per month and you can cancel the subscription at any time. To cancel it you will have to enter Subscriptions and services, select the option you are going to cancel and then click on manage and finally press the cancel subscription option.

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