Disney Plus is the best Streaming service currently, since it has the best functions of all its competitors, such as the one that allows you to share a Disney Plus account with friends or family, so everyone wants to know more about it , and with In mind today you will see What is Disney Plus Premium?

And the fact is that, although most people worldwide have already managed to install Disney Plus, and they know how it works, the reality is that not everyone knows its new “Premium” service, which is barely in the development phase, but promises to be of the best that Disney will bring to the world.

What is Disney Plus Premium? How much? Is the Content Different?

What is Disney Plus Premium?

Now, to get straight to the point and find out as soon as possible what Disney Plus Premium is, the first thing you have to know is that it really is not a separate Premium service (at least for now).

If not, it is rather a way to unlock content, through an additional payment within Disney Plus itself. Its real name is Premier Access, and what this function allows you to do is pay for access to movies and series blocked for normal audiences.

This access will only be used in films that are about to be released in theaters, or in series that have not yet reached the channel. For example, this Early Access was first used with the Mulan movie, which you could watch before its theatrical release.

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For now, this is the only film with which this function or service has been used, but it is expected that soon with the release of new productions, more content will be added, since the best thing about this premiere access is that in the end the Movies are unlocked for the general public after a few months.

To access premier access you must do the following: log into your Disney Plus account, search for the movie in question and press it to enter its section, then press the golden button “Premier Access” , and then enter a payment method, with that Disney will recharge and then you can see the movie.

Is the content of the Premier Access different?

With the above, you already know what is Disney Plus Premium?, So to continue answering the questions of the title, it is moments that you see if the content of the Disney Premium is different or not.

And the answer to this question is yes and no at the same time, the reality is that because you will have to pay individually to access certain content, it can be said that if it has content different from the normal Disney Plus.

But, since most likely in the end all the content of the Premier Access will also end up available to normal users, then you may think that not, it all depends on how it looks.

How much does Premium access cost?

As you have been told, until now you can only use the premier access to see Mulan, and the cost of this is 29.99 euros for a single payment , that is, you do not have to renew it monthly.

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However, it cannot be said that this will stay that way, since if the mouse company makes the decision to make it a separate add-on to the official Disney Plus application or service, then the payment may vary (may go down).

And voila, with that last thing you read, you can say that you know what is Disney Plus Premium? and also you learned how much it costs and the content it brings.

But, before leaving, it is recommended that you keep looking for information about this wonderful streaming service , because it is most likely that it will become the king of all other services, surpassing even Netflix.

For example, you can investigate: How many people can watch Disney Plus on the same account? in order to decide whether to buy an account for the whole family.

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