You have the Adobe Photoshop program among your PC applications and you want to get the most out of its gallery of tools. Well, you have reached the ideal place, here we will explain what it is and how to use the liquefy filter in Photoshop? And what advantages will you have when using this tool on your photos and images, with the help of the Adobe Photoshop application.

What is the liquefy filter?

It is a tool that Photoshop has that allows you to inflate, deflate, reflect, pull, rotate or push any part of the image. By effecting those distortions in the image, you can give it a drastic or subtle focus , making the liquefy filter an extraordinary tool for creating or cropping.

How to use the liquefy filter?

To use the Photoshop toolbar, and get the most out of tools like “liquefy filter” , we must follow these steps.

  • First we will have to choose a layer with information.
  • Then we can use the following command, CTRL + SHIFT + X.
  • Or you can access the layer by selecting top menu > filters> liquefy.
  • When the tool opens, a new window will appear with the bottom interface.
  • When we look at the left side, we will see a toolbar.
  • And on the right side we will find general filter options.

Photoshop correction tools

Next, we will analyze what Photoshop is for and what its tools are that will help you in image correction .

  • Brushes: They give you the option to regulate the thickness and pressure of the brush strokes, the density of the effect and the speed of the brush.

herramientas correccion de imagen

  • Mesh: For the retouch, when we activate it in the “View options menu” we will see the distortions that we have made, with a grid. By saving the grid, we can apply the smoothie filter, if we need to correct something in photocompositions.
  • Mask: Form frozen masks from layer masks.
  • View: It has 3 sections:
  1. Control by looking at the original Canvas guides, such as: Viewing the liquefied image , looking at the layer behind it, turning the blending meshes on or off, and spotting the guides to identify faces.
  2. Control how we want the frozen mask to look.
  3. Contrast with an overlay layer, to make a comparison of the image with a specific layer or on a pre-liquefied image.
  • Reconstruction: When we are working with the liquefy filter, and we select “Restore all” the image will return to its original state. And if we select the “Rebuild” button, we can see if we have exceeded the blender and gradually go back.

Tools available for blending

Here we will analyze which are the tools that help us to make a good smoothie in the image , and what they are for.

  • Refine: Provides a smooth touch for blending effects.
  • Deflate: It is responsible for dragging the surrounding pixels towards the center.
  • Inflate: Expands the interpolated pixels, which are around the epicenter.
  • Rebuild: Reset the blending settings until the image returns to its original state.
  • Warp: Drag the pixels according to the direction we give the cursor. It gives you a great impact on the epicenter of the image and is lost as the arrow is zoomed out.
  • Face: It helps us to adjust the details we find in the faces as necessary.
  • Push Left: Drag the pixels , from the center to the top side of the brush. Directing it to the right will move the pixels from the center to the bottom side. If you move the arrow up, it will move from the starting point to the left. And by moving it down, the epicenter will head to the right.

efecto de licuado en rostro

  • Defrost mask: Allows you to clear the mask from frozen.
  • Freeze Mask: The areas of the image you select will not be affected by the blending effect.
  • Pinwheel to the right: Move the mesh according to the hands of the clock, and if you select the ALT key, at the same time as this option, it will rotate to the left.

With Photoshop you can let your imagination fly and create a liquefied effect in your images , you can even make the particle dispersion effect easily. So you already know what the liquefy effect is and how to use it, so take advantage of the information and let your imagination run wild.

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