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Today many editors make or create their website with WordPress, and there is no doubt that it is an excellent platform for this purpose. But it is true that everything can have a flaw, so we will talk about how to fix the 504 ‘gateway timeout’ error on a WordPress website.

What is the gateway timeout error?

The gateway timeout error is an HTTP status code that a website can return when it cannot carry out a request. Although the 500 server error or the 502 bad gateway error is rare, almost everyone has encountered it when browsing the internet.

We already saw that it is an error that the server presents when responding, now we explain what the 504 gateway timeout in WordPress is, let’s get to it.

What is the 504 gateway timeout error?

The HTTP status encryption that begins with the value “5” are errors that come from the server r, this appears when the server does not complete the required action. In this vein, the 504 error appears because one server does not get a quick response from another server acting as a link input.

The 504 gateway timeout error comes in different shapes and sizes, below we will show you so you can identify them.

  • 504 Gateway Timeout nginx.
  • HTTP Error 504.
  • Gateway Timeout Error.

notificacion de error 504

  • 504 Gateway Time-out – The server didn´t respond.
  • HTTP Error 504- Gateway Timeout.

Solution to error 504 Gateway Time-out

The solutions that we will expose you next will effectively serve for WordPress , and also for any website you manage, let’s get to it.

Update or update the page

The first thing you should do is refresh the page , the safest thing is that the server is saturated with requests, and cannot respond in a timely manner. While you wait a few seconds, test if the website is down with an online program, it can help you confirm the problem.

Use a different browser

The web may be working correctly, but you see the error 504 gateway timeout, try to change the browser you are using. Updating the browser can solve the problem, or also, try to clear the cache that accumulates when using the browser.

Update DNS cache

You may also run into error 504 due to a bad or outdated DNS cache , the way to do this depends on the operating system you have.

Try different smart devices

Enter the web page through another computer, tablet or smartphone, this will help you determine that it is not the equipment you are using.

Check the error history

Something that usually causes the 504 gateway timeout error is new changes or updates on the website, then searching the error log for clues. For WordPress users, the error notification log can be activated by adding the following lines to the wp-config.php file:

  • define (‘WP_DEPUG’, true);
  • define (‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true);
  • define (‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’, false);
  • Finally all the generated accesses will be reflected in the wp-contents / debug.log file.

Check Plugins

It is recommended to examine the extensions or plugins of your WordPress website, as it could be the cached plugins that cause this error. On the other hand, outdated or opposing plugins can also cause general website problems, so disabling it for a while will be a good solution.

Two pop-up alternatives to fix the 504 error

Next we will show you two emerging and effective solutions in case the previous ones mentioned in this informative article do not serve you.

Verify the CDN

If you use a CDN to deliver faster content you should check if everything is working correctly on your website.

comprobar funcionamiento cdn

Adapt server configuration

If you use a VPS hosting, you can try to use one of the features, that is, modify the server configuration and maximize the specific resources.

Finally, this post has been able to propose simple solutions to be able to remove or avoid the 504 gateway timeout error in WordPress. We hope you can solve this problem on your website.

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