Everyone knows the social network Instagram, and now its innovation for companies “Instagram Shopping” opens up a great possibility. Since its creation, Instagram has had a boom higher than other social networks and it does not stop innovating . With a base of 800 million active users, it can be a great success for companies in the new trend of online commerce.

What is Instagram Shopping?

This is a tool that Instagram has designed for the exclusive use of companies or online stores. In it you can upload photos with Shopping tags, very similar to normal Instagram tags , in which you can add product information.

Instagram Shopping is a great update for companies after 2016 with the launch of tools for these types of users on the network. This was thanks to the excellent results obtained in the test carried out in the United States.

Thanks to the effectiveness of this system, together with an adequate use of the links on Instagram, it was gradually implemented in countries such as England and Spain.

What’s so great about e-shops?

The first reason is that it makes it possible to adequately highlight the new products that are being incorporated into the catalog on Instagram. The second is that it favors positioning in Google and thus allows it to reach more users.

This positioning is a reality and it has been shown that 80% of users follow a trading account. Can’t your company be the next?

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Among the new features implemented, the companies themselves can place an image to their liking and put up to 5 labels on that same photo. Or if you choose to use the “carousel” option, you can place 20 products for quick visibility.

How does this new modality work?

If for some time you have been able to appreciate these labels that appear in the photo of your favorite store, surely you have found it interesting, right? And it is what, it is one of the many ways to make money on Instagram today. Here you have a little more detail about how it works.

For the store

For Instagram Shopping to be available in your company or store account, you must meet some requirements, which are detailed below:

Have the account configured as “Company Profile”. Of course this is the most essential and for this you must have the following requirements. Have the app updated to the latest version of Instagram, which includes this and other news.

Have a Fan Page account on Facebook and the catalog of your products integrated into it. Have at least 9 publications previously made on the social network. This works as a control measure to avoid ghost accounts. Have an official website where you sell physical products. Like the previous requirement, this ensures the existence of a real store.

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With this fully fulfilled, you should only install and properly configure the application. With this now, you just have to place the image of your product and select the respective label , where it will show name and price or any other information.

For the buyer

In the photos of the store you can see an icon in the lower left part of the photo, when pressed you can see its information. If you are interested in the product and want to buy it, put your finger over this label and it will redirect you to a more specific screen. In this way, Instagram Shopping makes it easier to interact with what you want to buy.

The screen in question will show the images better , from different angles of view and you will get a blue button that says “Buy”. When you click, it will take you to the official page of the store, but within the internal browser of Instagram.

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