Do you want to surprise your little ones on their special day? We have a way to blow them away. With Disney Magic Birthday you can give your little ones a pleasant surprise by the hand of their favorite animated characters. If you want to know more about this, stay with us and find out what is and how does Disney Magic Birthday work?

What is and How Does Disney Magic Birthday Work?

What is and how does Disney Magic Birthday work?

If you want to give your little one something special in addition to making him a greeting card on his birthday and you don’t know what to do, Disney Magic Birthday is the solution. This is a platform that will allow you to prepare a personalized video congratulations message or greeting for your child to see on their special day.

You will be able to choose between the characters most loved by the little ones and who come to life in programs on the Disney Junior channel. Among them is Mickey Mouse, Princess Sofia and Captain Topa from the Junior Express among other characters, who will congratulate your little one in the video, making you pleasantly surprise him.

Disney Magical Birthday works online and its platform can be accessed for free either from mobile, computer and / or tablet.

The way in which you get the greeting for your little one on his birthday is first by accessing the official Disney Magic Birthday platform via the internet.

Then you simply choose the character you want to greet your little one , the day of your child’s birthday, if it is a boy or a girl and choose their name from the list of names.

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If your son or daughter’s name does not appear in the list of options, you can consult the FAQ section at the bottom of the Disney Magic Birthday page to find out what to do in this case. After you finish everything related to the video, you must log in to your Disney Magic Birthday account or create an account if you do not have one.

Later you can save it on your device and show it to the birthday boy and you will see how he will be surprised and very happy. You can share it on social networks with the # DisneyBirthdayMagic to share with others the reaction of your child and see the reaction of other little ones.

You can also record your child’s reaction when watching their personalized video, so that memory is preserved over time and they can see it time after time and smile together.

How to create a Disney Magic Birthday account? Step by Step

If you have decided to surprise your little birthday boy on his day with a congratulatory message from his favorite character and you want to register, then we will show you the steps to do so.

  • Access Disney Magical Birthday via online, from your mobile, laptop or tablet and start the process of making the video for your little one.
  • In the third step of this process you will get the options Start session ‘create account’ , you must select the latter.
  • When you select the selections, a form will appear to fill in to create your Disney account . You must enter your name, surname, email and password in order to fill out the formal aspects of the form.
  • Optionally, you can enter your gender, male or female, and your date of birth, with day, month and year.
  • Finally, check the box at the end of the form if you want to receive updates, news and offers from the Walt Disney company. Make sure to read the terms of use and privacy policy of the site and consult the privacy policy of children online to avoid inconveniences and finally select your country of origin, clicking on Change.
  • After all this, click on Create account and that will be it, you will have created your Disney account with which you can finish creating your child’s congratulations video.

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Disney is a franchise that has been giving smiles for many years with everything they invent. They have won the hearts of the little ones because, for example, you can create a Disney Plus account and from there create children’s profiles on your Disney Plus platform and now with Disney Magic Birthday, the little ones will be very happy on their birthdays .

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