Are you one of those who enjoy listening to music at different times of the day? Well, getting a wide catalog of playlists and songs is no longer a problem thanks to music streaming platforms . Some are better known and preferred than others, like Spotify or Apple Music.

But today we will talk about a platform that already has millions of users, it is Amazon Prime Music. What is Amazon Prime Music and how does it work? Here we tell you everything you need to know.

What is and How Does Amazon Prime Music Work? Amazon’s Online Music Platform

What is Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music is a streaming music platform with many advantages, this service is available to those who subscribe to Amazon Prime. Unlike Amazon Music Free, the Amazon Prime Music subscription is paid, but it comes with many benefits that are worth knowing. Among the main functions, benefits and advantages that Amazon Prime Music has we can mention:

  • Access to two million songs that constantly change, adding and removing new titles.
  • A large catalog of playlists and streaming stations that you can customize.
  • Play music without annoying ads and advertisements.
  • You can use it on any device that is compatible with Amazon Music.
  • It includes the ability to play music offline and is compatible with Alexa.
  • It does not have an individual monthly fee.

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With Amazon Prime Music you can listen to up to 40 hours of music per month and you can choose to listen to full albums, skip between tracks and repeat songs unlimitedly. Although the list of songs it offers is much more limited than other streaming music services, you can still enjoy excellent playlists with the best songs.

How Amazon Prime Music Works

To use Amazon Prime Music, the first thing you will need is to make a subscription to Amazon Prime, in this way you will have at your disposal the services it offers, including the online music platform. Remember that you can even opt for a free trial of Amazon Prime, so you can analyze whether you should pay an annual or monthly subscription for its services.

Then, download the Amazon Music application on your device of choice, this app is available for Android mobiles, iOS, Fire TV and Fire Tablet, you can even access the web version for PC and Mac OS. Then, log into the application with your credentials, Amazon will automatically identify your account with the Prime subscription and you can enjoy the catalog of this online music platform.

To start listening to your music you can search by artist, album or select one of the thousands of available playlists. However, depending on the operating system of your device there may be a few differences between the way you play music.

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Amazon Prime Music on Android Devices

When doing a search from Music Prime on Android, the results of the Prime platform will be displayed at first, but you will also be able to see other results from the other Amazon stores . On the other hand, before listening to a song, album or playlist you must first add it to your library.

If you want to download music so you can listen to it offline, go to the library, where you have already added the songs or albums. Then, press the menu button and select the option «Recently added», there you will see the list of tracks that you have added and next to it a button to download them to your local storage. Also, you can hold down the icon of a song or album that you want to download, and press the «Download» button.

Amazon Prime Music on iOS Devices

Searching for songs, artists, or albums will only return content available on Amazon Prime. To listen to songs, playlists or albums, it will not be necessary to add them to the library, just press the icon of the track or album you want to listen to and it will automatically play.

On the other hand, if you want to download a song, press on it, slide to the left and then press the download button . In the case of albums, you must first add them to the library and then next to the album you will see the download button.

As you can see, using Amazon Prime Music has great advantages, however if you want to be able to enjoy a free streaming music platform, other options that you can evaluate.

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