Vinted is an online platform for purchasing and selling clothing and other accessories. Customers and sellers maintain contact through a forum. However, have you ever wondered what happens if the buyer does not pick up the Vinted package that I have sold? In this article we will explain this situation and what to do.

What happens if the Buyer does not Pick up the Vinted Package that I have Sold?

Vinted Features

Once you discover what Vinted means, it is convenient that you recognize the characteristics of this platform. The payment of commissions is one of these characteristics and although it is true that sellers do not pay commission, buyers must pay 5% of the price of a product and a fixed value of 0.70 Euros.

Another interesting aspect of Vinted is the payment of the shipments that depends on the size of the package and the method chosen. In addition, Vinted allows you to group clothes in batches to apply discounts, have conversations in the forum or in private and add ‘hastags’ to increase the positioning in the platform’s search engine.

The operation of the Vinted platform

The operation of Vinted covers the process of setting up an account that must include the payment method and an address. If a potential buyer is interested in a garment, they can bid and the seller, by accepting the offer, agrees to sell the product at the price agreed with the customer.

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Subsequently, the buyer pays the company the amount corresponding to the product, the seller is informed that he must make the shipment and is asked for a confirmation of the sale in a period of less than three days to be able to withdraw or collect the money from Vinted.

What happens if the buyer does not collect the Vinted package that I have sold?

On occasions, it may happen that a Vinted seller committed to his buyer carries out the process of shipping a product within the established period ; however, the buyer does not collect the package from Vinted.

Given this circumstance, it is necessary that you know certain aspects and the procedure that must be carried out as we explain below.

The delivery time of a package

Often times, the time it takes for a Vinted package to deliver is directly related to the payment method, the shipping method the buyer chose, and the time it takes for the seller to ship the package . This time can be up to five days.

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Buyers are aware of the stipulated time frame for delivery before they make the payment and even receive a notification message to inform them when the seller ships Vinted.

The destination and shipping company

It is important to note that the delivery time depends on the destination of the package as well as the shipping company. In any case, it is common for the delivery time to span between two and five working days if it is a national shipment. International shipping can take four to seven business days.

What to do if the buyer does not collect the Vinted package?

Vinted grants a period of fifteen working days for the buyer to collect their package. However, when this period is exceeded, the company returns the package to the seller.

Regarding money, Vinted returns the amount of the product to the buyer and the entire process is omitted, since the sale has been unsuccessful.

Buyer does not confirm receipt of package

If the buyer received the package, but does not confirm receipt of it, the Vinted company performs the validation within a few days and then releases the payment to the seller to appear in the “available balance” of your account.

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