Like other popular companies like Amazon or Ebay, Vinted has its own platform on the web and is in the process of expansion. For this reason, we recommend that you read this article in order that you know what does Vinted mean and who is its creator?

What does Vinted mean and who is its Creator? Know the Answer

What is Vinted?

Vinted is a platform for buying and selling clothes online. It works in a similar way to the trend of selling products on AliExpress as well as any other online store.

Vinted is expanding and its service can now be used in twelve countries around the world. In this sense, the company has shown a high interest in making itself known through marketing, which has produced an increase in sales.

What is Vinted’s approach?

Vinted’s current focus as a company consists of accelerating growth throughout the European continent, increasing investments , the use of digital marketing, offering a service of the highest quality and maintaining the business model that at this time has managed to position the company.

What does Vinted mean and who is its creator?

If you do not know Vinted or have read about its creators, we invite you to know the origins of this company and its meaning below.

What does Vinted mean?

“Vint” is an English word that refers to the act of selling. In this sense, the platform makes use of the term “Vinted” to express that a product has been “sold” through the online business .

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The origin of Vinted

Vinted emerged in 2008 in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania. Initially, a web prototype was tested for women in Lithuania so that they could buy and sell used clothing.

Later, the business grew and arrived in Germany where they use the name “Kleiderkreisel” to identify the company. Two years after its creation, Vinted came to the United States and increases its popularity by making use of advertising on social networks.

The creators of Vinted

Vinted was created by Justas Janauskas and Milda Mitkute in 2008. Initially, Milda wanted to do something different with the clothes that she stopped wearing and from there came the purpose that the women of Lithuania could carry out the transaction of buying and selling second-hand clothes hand.

Vinted’s business

In 2012, the Vinted company partnered with another company called Lemon Labs which is responsible for developing applications. In this way, an App for mobile devices could be created.

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Before the creation of the App , Lemon Labs knew that the traffic through the use of desktops was 80%. After presenting the application to the public, the traffic through the use of mobile devices to access the Vinted platform was 30%.

Means to access Vinted

Currently, it is possible to access the Vinted website from any PC and the App through Android and iOS devices. The company not only allows the purchase and sale of clothing, but also facilitates the exchange of clothing and accessories as well as establishing communication between users through the use of a forum.

The costs for Vinted users

There is no cost to publish the products on Vinted. However, once the sale is made, the platform obtains a commission ranging from 3% to 8%. Vinted also charges a commission or service charge to buyers.

It is important to note that the buyer must pay the shipping costs that are included in the expense when the customer purchases a certain product.

Vinted’s earnings

Today, Vinted uses a large part of its profits to be able to expand even more in Europe, to hire more employees thanks to the funds destined for purchases and to invest in marketing by taking advantage of the most popular social networks to further increase revenues.

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