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Many times when we are browsing the internet or viewing our personal social networks , we notice a noticeable appearance of the acronym LoL. For some the meaning of this is obvious, but if you are one of those who still do not know what this means and you are curious to know more, do not worry, because today we explain what does League of Legends mean in Spanish? – Meaning of LoL.

What does League of Legends mean in Spanish? – Meaning of LoL

What does League of Legends mean in Spanish? – Meaning of LoL

Nowadays it is very normal to use acronyms to refer to all kinds of things, whether on the internet or in daily life. As for the internet, one of the most used acronyms is LoL. And the truth is that this popular acronym has at least two meanings for which it is used around the world and by young people on the internet and social networks.

The first meaning, and the most common, is in fact an acronym for the English words ‘Laughing out loud’ which literally means ‘laughing out loud’ .

It is typical to see these acronyms in memes, conversations full of humor and casual occasions, as this expression denotes a laugh, a joke, or something funny. That is why many young people use this casual and modern expression when presenting humorous situations on the internet.

Significado de LOL

On the other hand, a second meaning of LoL refers to the initials of League of Legends , which literally means League of Legends . League of Legends is a very famous multiplayer video game due to its genre that consists of online battle arena multiplayer, and that you can download to play on various devices.

More about the game League of Legends – LoL

If you want to know more about the origin of this game and its curious acronyms, you can continue reading and find out about curiosities about this popular game.

This video game was released thanks to its developers from the video game company Riot Games , but was later sold to a Chinese company related to internet services. This video game was designed primarily for the Windows operating system and has a beta version for OS X.

Today, LoL has an army of millions of active gamers, and its popularity stems from its esports nature. In fact, it is one of the best in this category. It is said to be the most played video game today, as it consists of some 100 million active players scattered around every corner of the planet.

The gameplay of LoL consists of working as a team, being strategists and having excellent reflexes , all in order to finish off the opposing team and thus end up winners. Something that attracts players a lot and keeps them hooked on League of Legends is that it has several game modes, the most prominent being Summoner’s Rift.

This was only the first part of the introduction to LoL for beginners. Read on to find out more about this amazing game.

Learn all the tricks of LoL

Another interesting aspect of League of Legends is that, as in other video games, you must choose an avatar or character. But here comes the interesting thing, in LoL you can choose between around 150 characters or Champions, each with different abilities and powers.

Each champion has a special and unique ability that other champions do not have, each of these unique abilities is identified with a key, such as Q, W, E, R. The ability or power R is the most important, powerful and special within the video game, so once it is used, it may be more difficult to obtain it again.

Significado de League of Legends en espanol

In LoL there is play money that is earned in various circumstances and is used to buy objects and weapons that allows two things: 1) that the champion or character is more resistant or 2) that the champion causes more damage to the enemies. This could help you win at LoL master tactics and be the envy of your friends.

The most important thing about this video game and what makes its fans love it, is that winning in LoL depends on you and only on you. When starting to play, everyone has both the same chances of winning and losing and everyone has the same total amount of gold. So it is more than evident that in League of Legends they are impartial, what excellent news!

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