Every computer needs certain components for its proper functioning. These devices are part of the hardware and require appropriate programs or drivers in order to fulfill their role in the system. Have you ever wondered what they are, what are they for and how do drivers work? In this article we will explain it to you.

Undoubtedly updating the drivers in Windows is very important for the proper functioning of the system. Still, sometimes asked what the drivers are, then we will answer this question.

What are they for and how do drivers or controllers work?

Sometimes the operating system stops responding, issues a blue screen message, or some program stops running. This can occur for multiple factors and one of them is related to driver or controller problems.

Next, we will show you all the information you need to know about the drivers, their utility and functionality . Thus, you will pay more attention to these elements so necessary in your operating system.

Structure of a computer

All equipment has hardware and software. The hardware is the physical elements such as the motherboard, the RAM, the hard disk, the processor, the peripheral devices (mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer). For its part, the software is the programs and the operating system through which the hardware acquires utility.

In order for the hardware and software to work properly, they need an intermediate program called a driver. This software must be compatible with the component in order to maintain proper conjunction between the software and the computer hardware.

What are drivers?

Drivers or controllers are the software that is installed on the computer with the aim of running it as an intermediary between the operating system and the hardware. The drivers / controllers are essential elements so that the operating system can correctly recognize the components that are added to the computer.

Drivers are made up of lines of code with specific functions aimed at particular components . In this sense, these programs are in charge of carrying a message to the system so that it can carry out its recognition task and communicate with the device.

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Classification of drivers or controllers

Drivers are very diverse, for this reason they are classified according to their nature, read the following information carefully to find out the classifications of the drivers present in your computer and other devices:

Generic or universal drivers

Some operating systems have so-called generic drivers so that certain components work immediately when connected . Universal drivers are made up of lines of code that allow the system to automatically identify peripherals such as the keyboard and mouse.

Even so, although many drivers are installed in this way, it will always be necessary to download the missing drivers on your PC, so that the equipment works in the best possible way.

Specific drivers

Certain components such as video cards, some webcams, WiFi networks, and printers require specific software to troubleshoot compatibility issues . For this reason it is important to know the specifications of the device in order to install the correct driver.

This is the example when updating the drivers for the graphics card or any other component of those characteristics, which require a single driver to function correctly.

What are drivers or controllers for?

The drivers or controllers are used to establish communication between the operating system and the other components of the computer . Therefore, the devices that have been connected to the computer can be recognized and thus make optimal use of them.

It is important to note that if we do not install the driver of a device that requires it, then the computer will present speed failures, poor performance, program suspension , screen freezing, among other conflicts.

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How do drivers or controllers work?

When a component is added to our computer, the driver must act as a bridge so that the hardware can issue a series of instructions to the software. If the operating system recognizes the component and we can use it, then we have installed the appropriate driver.

The drivers have been created for specific components and systems . That is why you must be very careful when searching for the appropriate driver to ensure correct operation of the hardware. If we install an incompatible driver, then it will not send the corresponding instructions with the device we want to incorporate.

Keep in mind that in addition to the Drivers and controllers it will be necessary to install other types of software. Clear is the example when installing DirectX to the last version, essential software for the correct operation in games and other applications.

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