Smart Objects often raise a lot of questions for Photoshop novices. Given this, today we will answer the questions What are they for and how to use smart objects in Photoshop?

What are smart objects?

Much is said about smart objects, however, they raise serious questions for newbies. Given this, we will teach you in a simple and concise way what are smart objects in Photoshop.

In short, a smart object is a complex image made up of several layers. Using the smart object function it is possible to make various modifications to an image and then export it. When exporting, this image can be used in many new projects .

Smart images are very interesting, because in addition to being able to import them into new projects, modifications can also be made. For example, if your object image is text, you can apply specific effects and then import to change the writing, leaving the modifications.

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Although the average user may not see a great use in this type of images, for the professional it is essential . Given this, if you use Photoshop constantly, knowing how to use smart objects would not hurt. In any case, it is very important that you know the basics and how to use the Adobe Photoshop toolbar, before you start with Smart Objects.

What are they for and how to use Smart Objects in Photoshop?

As we mentioned before, smart objects are very useful to have reusable images. This undoubtedly saves a lot of work time for those who use the Photoshop application, but first it is necessary to know how they are used.

Certainly to take advantage of a smart object it is advisable to know the basics of Photoshop . Even so, newbies can also see the usefulness of this function provided by the famous Adobe program.

Essential guide to using Photoshop’s Smart Objects.

Before you begin, we recommend that you know how to copy and paste layers in Photoshop, as it is something you must master. The first thing to do is create the base layer for the smart object. As indicated, this will be the basis for the modifications to be made. Here, you will be able to use an existing image or create one and even create a text.

Once you have the base of your smart object, on the layer in question, go to the “Layer” tab in the options bar. Here is the option “Smart Objects” go to this sub-menu and select ” Convert to Smart Object “. You will notice that the layer became a smart object because it will appear with a symbol.

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While not necessary, we certainly recommend working with duplicates on the object. In other words, for each modification you want to make, create a duplicate of the layer. By making duplicates, you will greatly facilitate later modifications to the object.

And what can be done with smart objects?

Certainly, for smart objects the limit is the sky, since the customization capacity will depend specifically on the user. Even so, without a doubt one of the most important purposes of this great function is precisely to create templates. With templates we refer to objects that can later be modified, but with a previous base. Something as useful as creating a custom color palette in Photoshop.

One of the most frequent uses of smart objects is in relation to modified logos or texts. Converting a text into a smart object makes it completely modifiable , but maintaining stylistic aspects. For example, you can apply shading, colors and other factors, and then use it in other text.

It should be noted that smart objects allow non-destructive transformations. In other words, you can make modifications like rescale, rotate, distort, and so on without losing quality. Without a doubt, the advantage of being able to export smart objects is something that those who use Photoshop constantly will take advantage of.

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