Excel is a very complete program for carrying out calculations. When we use it frequently, we find that we can do things more quickly, if we avoid using the mouse. So here we show you, what are the tricks of the ribbon in Excel.

What is the use of knowing Excel tricks?

If we know Excel and its tricks, we will be able to have a better command of this program. Some are based on keyboard shortcuts to speed up the execution of certain actions. There are even some tricks to double-clicking Excel to save time.

Other tricks are to expand our visual field , for that we can hide elements of the Excel interface in a simple way. This works well when we have to analyze very complex tables, without scrolling.

What are shortcuts or keyboard shortcuts in Excel?

Keyboard shortcuts are keys that must be pressed sequentially to perform a specific action. Many start by pressing the Ctrl key in conjunction with a letter or number; But what are the best keyboard shortcuts to use in Excel?

An example is if we press Ctrl + B, whose action will open the search window; some of them not only work in Excel, but in other Microsoft programs. Here are some of the most common shortcuts :

metodo abreviado para abrir ventana de busquedas

  • Ctrl + A: Displays the «Open» window.
  • Ctrl + B: Opens the «Find and Replace» window.
  • Ctrl + C: Used to copy the contents of the cells.
  • Ctrl + E: We select all the cells on the sheet.
  • Ctrl + K: This will italicize the text.
  • Ctrl + N or Ctrl + 2: To apply bold to the text.
  • Ctrl + S: This will underline the text.
  • Ctrl + T: Open the «Create table» window.
  • Ctrl + U: We add a new book.
  • Ctrl + V: We paste what you have copied.
  • Ctrl + X: We cut the marked cells.
  • Ctrl + Y: We redo the last action done.
  • Ctrl + Z: We undo the last action.
  • Ctrl + 1: We open the box “Format cells”.
  • Ctrl + 5: To strike through the text.
  • Ctrl + 9: We hide the selected rows.
  • Ctrl + 0: We hide the selected columns.

What are the Ribbon Tricks in Excel?

The ribbon has been in Excel, since 2007. Since then, it has made life easier for users due to its graphic appearance, icons and divisions by tabs; Before, there were only menu options and the toolbar.

It is in the upper part, composed of several tabs (File, Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, among others); each one is segmented with lines and the title of the corresponding group.

excel presionar boton alt

There are 2 useful tricks : The first is to hide it to have greater visibility of the cells, and the second is to execute the Excel functions, using only the keyboard.

To hide the ribbon, press Ctrl + F1 or click on an icon in the shape of an up arrow, located on the far right. To display it, same with Ctrl + F1 or by clicking on a tab and then on the icon with the shape of a thumbtack or thumbtack.

We can also hide or remove the grid lines of a document in Excel, at times when we need to see content more clearly.

To execute the functions we press Alt . We will see several black squares with numbers and letters; the letters correspond to the tabs and the numbers to the options on the Quick Access Toolbar. For example, if you press B, the “Insert” tab will open, then you will notice new boxes located in the groups of the tab.

Continuing with the example, if you press X you will open the “Create table” window. This way you will be able to navigate in all the Excel options ; Keep in mind that to navigate the elements of a dialog box or in a group, you will use Tab and the arrow buttons.

You will know your location because the fields will have a dotted border, or they will be shaded and the buttons will have a blue border. With a little practice, you will learn by heart the functions that you need the most, and you will notice a greater speed in your work .

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