Are you having trouble obtaining and spending your gems in Arena of Valor ? If this happens to you, you can read the following post to find the best way to get this indispensable resource.

Likewise, you can discard those options that are not essential when you are about to wear out your jewelry. With this, you will learn to take much better advantage of the use of this currency and you will optimize your progress in the game.

What are the Gems for in Arena of Valor? How to Earn and Spend the Gems?

What are gems in Arena of Valor?

Like other MOBA games , this one has a different parallel currency than the one you regularly use to buy common or frequently used items. This is where the gems come into play, which would be the Premium exchange items, and which are difficult to obtain.

These are represented as a red gem, and can be used to buy various items and objects that improve gameplay or progress. They can be achieved by performing different actions within the Arena of Valor.

How can I get the red gems in Arena of Valor?

It is one of the most frequent questions that you can ask yourself while using this game, and that is that the gems in Arena of Valor are highly esteemed . These same ones, you can get them frequently when you are new, but, as you progress, the gems begin to be a little scarce, forcing you to use other means.

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Complete daily missions in the game

You can get daily missions in this game which is very similar to League of Legends. Through them, you can get different alternative rewards that will help you progress in the app. That said, you might find Arena of Valor gems among the prizes. So when you complete the task, you will have a small feat of this valuable resource.

You can perform these missions daily and, special ones that possibly, you get enough gems to buy the objects you need. You just have to enter the game every day and try to perform all the tasks, so, if one includes gems, it will refresh and one will come out that does.

Logins in a row

As with daily missions, it is common for online games to have different reward sections to incentivize players. In this sense, Arena of Valor has several, and among them are the prizes for entering daily, where you can also find gems.

All you have to do is log in a couple of times in a row and, at some point, you will be awarded a couple of gems. Thus, the more recurring your beginnings in Arena of Valor on a daily basis, the better the prizes will be.

Play on weekends!

One of the most striking aspects of this app is that it rewards users who invest their time on weekends. But how does he do it? Well, with slightly better rewards than you would get with logins or daily missions.

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Consequently, it is one of the most effective methods of obtaining gems in Arena of Valor, as you will almost certainly get those days. So, if you want to accumulate enough of these coins, you can not stop entering on the weekends.

What can I spend the Arena of Valor gems on?

It is very likely that you will be tempted to spend your gems on heroes or chests , and to some extent it is fine, but it is not recommended. In other words, most of the champions can be acquired for free, so it won’t be necessary to buy too many.

In the case of chests, they have a very low drop probability, and it would be like dropping your gems. Now, what is advisable is to use them to increase the obtaining of experience and gold, as well as to buy arcana (but only level 3).

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