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One of the most favorable attributes of the human being is his ability to organize his tasks . In addition to being information builders, we have a particular ally: the mobile phone . For this reason, you may be wondering, What are the best virtual agendas and calendars for Android?

In addition to this, it is convenient to put reminders on the lock screen of an Android, an excellent alternative option to the calendars that we will show you below.

What are the best virtual agendas and calendars for Android?

If you love organizing your activities, then you must know the best agendas available for your Android phone . They are so practical that you will regret not having one before.

They have a pleasant and simple interface ; In addition, they will not take up much space in your memory and will be very useful. Next, we present you the best agendas for Android available on Google Play.

The following examples are designed specifically for Android, but remember that it is also possible to create events in the iPhone Mail calendar with great ease, this in case you have an Apple brand phone.

The best virtual agendas for Android

Virtual agendas are essential to organize our daily activities. They have gained popularity over time as today’s society assumes multiple responsibilities and needs to maintain an order of priorities . For this reason, we present the following agendas that you can install on a mobile phone. is the ideal assistant to add your activities on your phone and also suggests ideas for the purpose of organizing your tasks. It has alerts that notify you in time what you must do and you can also share events with others.

You can get the App at on the Play Store and start using this great tool to organize your activities and have better productivity.

Agenda calendario para Android


Evernote is a well-known virtual calendar because it facilitates the organization of the work calendar in a simple and efficient way. This App is used to take notes, add tags and create any list you want. You can also create handwritten notes, scan documents, and save websites.

The application is available also for the devices before, in fact you can download it from Evernote in the Play Store. It is a very famous tool and for good reason, as they work exceptionally.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a multiple tool as it helps you plan your tasks and at the same time works as a notepad . The most relevant thing about this virtual calendar is that it has a function that allows you to cross out those activities that you have already done, use other source tools and access your tasks from any device that you have synchronized.

This Microsoft tool is present in the Windows operating system, but we also find it in Android. You can download it at
Microsoft OneNote in the Play Store and start using it. You will notice that it is a simple but perfectly functional tool.

Google Keep

This virtual calendar is extremely practical because it allows you to organize your activities by color, create reminders, share events with your friends, add photos and take notes.

Google Keep has an additional utility and that is that it allows you to use the voice notes option so that the application can write for you in order to save you time and effort. If you want to try this useful App, you can download it from Google Keep in the Play Store and start using it to organize your life.


Dommus is a tool for private use that can be used by the whole family. With this virtual calendar you can create to-do lists, organize your calendar , share photos, add a list of contacts and notes. There is a free and a Premium version and both can be downloaded from Dommus on the Play Store.


The best virtual calendars for Android

Virtual calendars are tools that allow you to make better use of time. At the height of Android and its applications, countless virtual calendars have emerged so you can organize your daily activities. Next, we will show you the best virtual calendars available on Android so you can make the most of them.

Google Calendar (one of the best virtual agendas and calendars)

Google Calendar is the father of virtual calendars. This application has a basic design but fulfills all its functions efficiently. Google Calendar allows you to interact with all the other applications that we mention in this article and increase your productivity thanks to the multiple management of your tasks.

Calendar Widget by Home Agenda

This application is ideal for users who prefer an App with a fun and colorful design. Thanks to Calendar Widget you can view your calendar, create themes and group daily events according to the dates that you have previously established.

This application is an excellent alternative for those users who use Google Calendar but want to have a more attractive environment to view their tasks and manage their events.

The above are some of the best applications to organize your moments, remember that calendars can also be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store.

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