Office automation programs have been the salvation of many people. The execution of operations and office tasks have experienced great and positive changes with the appearance of these programs.

For people who don’t get along with numbers, these shows have been a real blessing. If you are one of those people, this article is for you. Here you will learn what are the best tricks for autosum in Excel .

No matter your level of Excel, these tricks must be known by absolutely everyone who may need the tools of this powerful software.

Learn more about Excel

At first, like any other software, this program had fairly basic functions and tools. Of course, over time it evolved and became one of the most complete and important of the Microsoft Office suite.

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The list of tools and functions in Excel can be extensive. Even though many people believe they know absolutely everything about this program, new methods are emerging that simplify many tasks . From sorting random data, creating a database, to creating forms, Excel becomes the perfect ally in the office.

Importance in society

Microsoft Excel , in short, has set a trend. And it is that such versatile software has such an imposing essence that people express the need to learn to handle it.

This is how, through the internet and thanks to some organizations and institutions, the idea of teaching courses arose. Excel courses range from basic to advanced. Generally, the duration of each level is at least a couple of months.

So, handling these functions and tools is part of the basic qualities to perform in office jobs. Autosum, or automatically adding several cells, is one of the tools most used by Microsoft Excel users.

The autosum

You no longer have to spend a lot of time trying to total multiple amounts. Excel automates the account as you add , delete, or modify amounts. You can find the autosum symbol at the top right of your screen. More specifically in the “Modify” section.

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The easiest way to perform the autosum is by selecting the corresponding cells and clicking on the symbol. However, here are some alternatives that you can also try.

Autosum by rank

When it comes to talking about which are the best tricks for autosum , this one cannot go unnoticed. The sum of the amounts entered in a column will be displayed in the cell of your preference.

All this is possible thanks to a special formula. The operation is as simple as it is extraordinary. Select the cell in which you want the total amount to be displayed and enter the following formula: = SUM (A1: A20).

Autosum by command

Another variant related to the autosum function is to activate the aforementioned tool through your keyboard. To do this, press the Alt + Shift keys and the «=» sign on a cell.

Next, Excel will select the cells where quantities exist. You can expand or reduce this selection at your convenience. After you’ve made your selection, press “Enter.”

Autosum of determined values

In some of your Excel documents you may have an extensive and varied amount of amounts that should not be added in their entirety . Is it possible to order the sum of only certain amounts? Of course yes!

To do this, just select the cells with the amounts to be added and press the autosum button. That way, regardless of other amounts, the total will appear in the next available cell.

Perform other types of operations

Does the autosum button only serve to… add? No! By clicking on the arrow next to “AutoSum” you will see other options. The tool also allows you to calculate averages, maximum or minimum values, count numbers, among others.

Put Excel autosum to the test!

Knowing what are the best tricks for autosum, it will be up to you to get the most out of this tool. Do not get carried away by its simplicity, the potential that this tool has is incredible . What are you waiting to start using it?

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