Para que sirven los teclados

An element that is essential when using a computer, mobile phone or tablet is a keyboard; This allows information to be entered into the electronic device easily. This article will explain what keyboards are for and what types exist and their functions for each key.

What are keyboards for?

The keyboard is a peripheral data entry device that is made up of keys or switches. These keys are made up of letters, numbers, signs and other special keys.

In computers or laptops, the keyboard is an external element . On the other hand, in tablets or smartphones it is an internal component, but you can connect a keyboard to these devices. However, you can connect an external keyboard to your iPad or tablet if it is more comfortable for you.

Keyboards are primarily responsible for entering information or text to the PC or mobile device. In addition, in the case of computers, the keyboard is really useful to create commands that serve as shortcuts when using certain functions of the computer; for example, in Microsoft Windows the combination Control + Alt + Delete, Control + C or Control + V is widely used. When using programs like Excel, knowing the keyboard shortcuts can be very useful to speed up your work.

What are the types of keyboard that exist?

There is a variety of keyboard that adapts to the circumstances and needs of each person, here we will indicate each type:

  • Qwerty or conventional: it is the keyboard most used by most of the users; its name comes from the first 6 letters of its upper row and is composed of 101 to 108 keys.

Tipos de teclado que existen

  • Multimedia : This keyboard incorporates a variety of extra special keys. Among these keys you can find direct accesses to the music and video player, to the internet, to the volume control, among others. There are also keys for quick actions such as putting the computer to sleep.
  • Gamer or Gaming : this type of keyboard is ideal for lovers of video games, because it has keys that allow the player to develop; like, the famous hand lever or joystick that allows you to control the axes of movement. It also includes reprogrammable keys that allow the player to configure them to fulfill functions adapted to the needs of the game. However, there are also shortcuts that you can use with any keyboard to improve your skills in a game; for example, you can dodge blows in GTA 5.
  • Wireless : this keyboard contains a small antenna that transmits information by electromagnetic waves, without the need for a cable to connect it to the PC.
  • Ergonomic : it is perfect for those users who spend long working days using the PC; its design allows you to relax your arms while writing on it.
  • Flexible : This keyboard is made of silicone or plastic so it is easy to wash. They are also easy to transport keyboards because you can roll them up and store them easily.
  • Virtual : they are also known as screen keyboards; This type of keyboard are the ones that appear on the screens of mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, but they fulfill the same function as an external keyboard.

Functions of each key

The most used keyboard is the Qwerty (conventional); It is divided into 5 blocks and each block has a group of keys that fulfills different functions. Before talking about the function of each group of keys, it would be good if you check if you need to increase the response speed of your keyboard, and thus have a more optimal work.

Funciones de cada tecla del teclado

  • Function keys

These are the keys that serve as shortcuts when using the pc’s operating system ; These switches are found in the upper part of the alphanumeric keyboard, identified from F1 to F12.

  • Alphanumeric keys

This block is the one that contains the largest number of keys ; therefore, you can find the keys with the letters of the alphabet, 10 decimal digits and the punctuation marks.

  • Special keys

They are composed of three groups of keys : first it contains the Print Screen, Scroll Lock, Inter Pause keys; second, it contains the Home, End, Insert, Page Up, Del and Page Down keys and third, the 4 directional arrows.

  • Control keys

These keys surround the alphanumeric block and are in charge of controlling various programs. These keys are: Tab, Caps Lock, Ctrl, Alt, Spacebar, Alt Gr, Shift, Esc, Windows Key.

  • Numeric keys

In this block you can find the numbers from 0 to 9 , the keys to perform mathematical operations (/, *, -, +) and the key to deactivate or activate the numeric keyboard (Num lock).

Knowing what the keyboards you use daily are for saves you a lot of time and you will use your electronic device more efficiently.

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