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If you’re looking for ways to make money from home, one of the best is designing. The great thing about this article is that you’ll learn that you don’t need to be a graphic design expert to create professional designs with Canva. If you’re wondering how to make money with Canva, keep reading to learn about different ways to earn extra money or a full salary with Canva.

What is Canva?

Canva is a very simple online design tool that allows you to create an unlimited number of designs such as social media, business cards, T-shirts, products, logos, restart, brochures and more. It has many templates available, you not only need to edit colors, images or text if you want, but it also allows you to create designs from scratch.

Canva Free vs Paid – What is the real difference?

Canva paid plan suscription

I’ve been using their free version for over a year to generate all of my material, but I upgraded to the Pro version earlier this year and couldn’t be happier.

When my computer that I used to design was broken, and the one I borrowed (a Chromebook) was not compatible with downloading Photoshop, I looked for pages that would enable me to create without having to install a hefty application on the computer, and I found Canva!

Even though I’ve moved computers and now use Photoshop to develop logos, templates, and drawings, I still rely on Canva for all of my website designs, including banners, Pinterest pins, and other social media pins.

Resize your designs with a simple click of a button

Resize in canva pro plan

Imagine you spent all day designing banners for your blog, and now you’re going to spend even more time designing images for Pinterest to promote those same articles. This is valuable time that you could be using to create articles for your blog, or, if you’re a mom like me, taking care of your children.

With Canva Pro, you can resize your designs with a single click and save time.

More font styles or being able to add your own Fonts

Canva pro fonts in a paid suscription

If you want to make your designs even more personal and unique, the premium edition includes a plethora of additional typefaces as well as the ability to add as many fonts as you like.

Whether your business is associated with a certain typeface that is not included in the free version, or you want to set your designs out from the crowd,

More and better Templates

Templates on canva pro

A massive template collection with continuously updated professional designs, featuring over 420,000 templates to select from.

An even larger image gallery

How to use temlates on canva pro

One of the biggest reasons to buy the Pro edition of Canva is the vast collection of pictures, drawings, and components.

Any other professional image site will charge you more each month than Canva Pro would price you over the course of a year.

The best smart image cropper is Canva Pro

smart image cropp canva pro

I don’t think there’s a better or faster method to crop photos than with Canva; their clever cropping tool is just amazing!

Create MP4 or GIF animations

You’ll be able to make amazing animations to include in your blog or share in video format on social networks.

You may also make Gif animations, such as the image of a laptop in Benefit #1 that I included in this post, which was created in Canva.

Create work teams

Collaboration with your design team should be effective and efficient. You may use Canva to generate presentations, social media graphics, and other content, which you can then modify in real time with your Canva team.

Canva Pro allows you to collaborate on designs even if group members are situated all over the world.

You just invite the rest of the team, provide access permissions to each member, and they can begin designing.

You may also be a member of several teams, which is really beneficial if you work as a freelance assistant because you can establish teams with various clients independently and modify designs together.

Schedule posts on your social networks

Canva pro not only allows you to create stunning designs for your social networks, but it also allows you to schedule them to be published on the dates and with the descriptions you choose.

One of the many advantages of using Canva Pro is that it will be your best buddy in maximizing your time.

Ways to make money with Canva

earn money using canva pro suscription

What I love most about the internet is the endless opportunities it offers anyone to generate money from home (or anywhere in the world like Digital Nomad).

Here I write about ways to do business online all over the world, but in this article I will show you the different ways you can make money with Canva.

Freelance desing work

There are platforms online where you can sign up for free and offer your own building services. It’s a great way to make a living at home.

creative jobs using canva pro

For example, using Canva, you can offer social media designs like instagram, facebook or Pinterest posts, then set your value and wait for your first client.

To know what to give, how much to charge, etc., you can look at the services offered by other users on the same independent pages and get a clear idea of ​​the best-selling designs.

If you want to know where to find pages to provide your construction services with canva, I invite you to read an article about Freelance pages to get a job at home

Sells editable templates for social media

sell templates your own

If you create your own design from scratch on Canva you can sell these templates as your own in various online construction markets.

It is completely legal and approved by Canva, as long as you create a template from scratch and do not use the default templates they already provide.

For example you can create instagram templates and sell them using the “share as template” link provided by Canva Pro, but note that this feature is not available in the free version of canva.

Sell shirt designs made in Canva

Sell shirt designs

Create your own shirt designs using Canva, it can be simple text with funny sentences.

You can sell them physically, which means printing them yourself and take care of selling them or you can submit your make-up to shirt printing sites that take care of all the functionality of the goods.

The second option is my favorite because all you have to do is load the design once and these forums take care of printing and shipping shirts to customers directly.

Sells ready to print planners

rell ready to print stuff

you can create diary sheets, editors, editors etc, as long as you do this design from scratch.

Some sites where you can sell your planners and organizers are:

  • Etsy
  • Crella
  • Creative Market
  • Designcuts

Offers designs to Individual and small businesses

If you are new to digital business and don’t feel ready to sell digital or private products, you can start by selling your designs to individuals and small businesses.

For example, you can visit restaurants, shops, and other businesses in your area and offer your services to design brochures, business cards, flyers, menus and more.

You can also offer people to create their own wedding invitations, children’s birthdays, startups, college presentations and more.

Just look at all the canva templates you have to offer and ideas will come to you.

How can Canva increase your revenue?

First, because Canva is a graphic design tool, it can help you create more designs; in addition, the flexibility of Canva allows inexperienced people to improve quality work.

The variety of pre-made templates makes it easy to create designs; similarly, the user interface is considered to be very accurate. Similarly, if you feel you need more variety, you can choose the project option Canva has.

Generally, with Canva you have to create and publish attractive content, which will lead to building trust with users and attracting new content to your customer base. To achieve this, it is important to choose the right image and edit it according to the needs of the client.

How to work with Canva?

Enhance your image with a unique logo; this point is important in any design field, because you have to have a logo or image that identifies you; that is, a variation that will lead to users and expectations to identify your work. For this reason it is recommended that you use skilled domains, those that transmit beautiful vibes and good writing font.

It is important to understand the understanding of the image, as this is the key to conveying the message; the image is a fabric, efficient, that will send a message in a positive way. Problems such as lighting, can provide a good opportunity for an image, which you will find with Canva.

If you need a communication design that is ready in minutes, Canva gives you access to pre-designed templates. Canva also allows you to work and add visual elements to make your designs more influential on social media.

Similarly, Canva allows you to add those creative touches to a variety of their shapes and features. Learn how to work with them and achieve unique styles.

TRY CANVA PRO HERE and earn money with your designs

earn money using canva pro

The price of canva is 12.99 dollars a month or if you pay the annual subscription it will cost you 119.99 dollars. It may seem expensive but you will get a lot out of it because of all the features it has.

Starting with the free version is not bad but the options are very limited, that is why here we give you an alternative for you to use canva pro and see if it is worth it or not to buy your own subscription.

All you have to do is to access through this daily code, if you are new watch the full video to understand how to use it:

Video tutorial:


if you cannot access with any of the 4 accounts, please comment below and we will update it as fast as we can 😉


Throughout this month of October / november we will keep it updated, it depends on you that we continue to update it for many more months. just helps us by sharing and commenting

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