On previous occasions we have recommended websites to watch free movies, we have explained how to configure players like KODI or VLC to watch live TV. In today’s post, however, we want to focus on a platform that is not yet well known but that has a very interesting proposal for Spanish-speaking users.

VIX is a completely free and on-demand streaming service that does not require registration or the creation of any type of account to access its entire catalog. The content offered includes both series, movies and novels, all in perfect Latin Spanish . A platform that, like other similar services, is maintained solely through advertising (ads that by the way are quite short and infrequent).

What can I watch on VIX? This is its catalog of movies, series and novels in Spanish

The VIX library is divided into several “channels” or subcategories, each dedicated to a specific topic, audience or genre:

  • Put It On Movies
  • VIX Explore
  • Icons Royals
  • Put It Series
  • VIX Icons
  • Put It Novels
  • VIX Hacks
  • VIX Kids and family
  • VIX Glam
  • Urban food
  • VIX Travel
  • Yes I do!
  • VIX Yum
  • Moovimex

In addition to this, the app also allows us to see the new releases of movies, international series, reality shows and documentaries, cartoons, Venezuelan novels, classic Mexican cinema, comedies, dramas, and others in two blocks or slide cards. As we say, everything is in Spanish, although there is also a place for the odd film in the original version (in which case we will see a clarifying label of “Subtitled”).

Make no mistake, all this content and facilities have a price, and that is because most of the series and movies that VIX offers are not exactly premieres (although be careful, because there is also a lot of recent content). That does not mean that we find the most interesting things, such as action and adventure films of series B, original documentaries, novels with a lot of pull and classic comedies such as the mythical saga of Ace Ventura, Battlefield Earth, The Last of the Mohicans or Anger Management with Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler. Besides that, it also includes a good number of classic Santo movies, or horror movies of those that sometimes make you laugh more than scary. There is no waste.

Download the app

VIX’s streaming service is available for both Android and iOS. If we do not want to install anything or we are accessing from a PC we can also use the web version of the application for browsers.

Developer: VIX Inc.
Price: Free
‎VIX - Cine y TV
‎VIX - Cine y TV
VIX – Film and TV
Developer: Vix, Inc.
Price: Free

In general terms, we are facing what is probably one of the most powerful free online film and TV platforms in Spanish of the moment. Very much in line with other similar services such as Tubi TV or Popcornflix, with the difference that the latter, in addition to having a regional block, also have the handicap of being in English. From here, if VIX maintains the service as it is, and does not bundle it with unnecessary updates that muddy the experience, without a doubt we will be facing a streaming app with a great future. Point in favor for VIX.

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