Amazon does not stop surprising us, now it brings excellent news with its new streaming video game platform , Amazon Luna, you do not need to install or download anything to play, directly from the cloud you can access the best games but on what devices can Amazon be played Moon? Keep reading this article and we will give you more details.

On What Devices Can Amazon Luna Be Played? Xbox, PS4, PC, Android, Switch?

How Amazon Luna works

From the Amazon Web Services cloud you can access the games, among which more than 100 are already available, such as: GRID, Abzu, Control, Resident Evil 7, Panzer Dragoon, The Surge 2, Yooka Laylee and more games will be added with the passage of time, through its game channel.

The goal is to offer the streaming service through different channels, to which its users must subscribe, they hope to launch the official Luna + channel and join companies such as Ubisoft, where players can enjoy their favorite games in 4K with a 60 FPS speed and coming soon to titles like Assasins Creed Valhalla, Immortal Fenyx Rising and Far Cry 6.

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To be able to enjoy Amazon Luna games you need an internet speed of at least 10 Mbps and you must bear in mind that if you decide to use your Mobile Data, consumption can reach at least 10GB, this will be proportional to the time you spend playing and the resolution.

On which devices can you play with Amazon Luna?

Amazon Luna is available to play on different devices PC, Mac, Fire TV, Ipad and soon for the Android operating system, so you can enjoy it on your smartphone and although it has its own remote control, it will not be necessary to buy it to play, since Luna works very well with Xbox and PS4 controllers, you can also connect the mouse and keyboard via Bluetooth, since the platform offers this possibility.

Another thing that makes Luna Controller interesting is that it does not link to devices, but to the Amazon Web Services cloud to allow a faster change from one device to another for players, the service with Luna will be so complete that you can use your PC to play by streaming and connect the Luna Controller via USB and it has built-in Alexa which will allow you to use your voice to access the games.

You can link Amazon Luna to your channel on Twitch once you have set it up; you can see what is transmitted by this platform, as long as they are the games in the catalog and even play them on Luna from Twitch; There is no doubt that Amazon is in close competition with other technology greats such as Google with its Stadia platform and Microsoft that created xCloud to play streaming.

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Amazon Luna offers great advantages because you can access the platform with a single account on at least two devices, in addition, as Luna Controller synchronizes directly with the cloud and not with the devices, it reduces latency while you play the game and the best thing is that eases the process of installing and downloading apps or programs.

The launch price of Amazon Luna in early access is $ 5.99 per month, well below its competitors, and you can buy the Luna Controller for $ 49.99, although we do not know how long this cost will remain, but it is certainly an offer that cannot be missed.

In short, on which devices can Amazon Luna be played? On your PC, Android devices, Fire TV, Mac, PS4, Xbox and your Ipad , you can link with Twitch and stream from your cell phone, use your peripherals with USB or become a Luna Controller that you can also connect to your smartphone, so If you have any of these devices and a good internet speed, you can be another user of this new Amazon platform.

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