What does 7w7 mean on social media?

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Meaning of 7w7 and UwU in WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networks

The use of emoticons in social networks has become very indispensable, as it helps us to express our emotions and facilitates our communication.

Long before the emojis that we currently use, they communicated their expressions through letters and symbols, called ASCII emoticons and created by Mr. Scott Fahlman in 1982. The creator of the smiley face “:)”

Both 7u7 and UwU have become famous on social networks, such as Facebook and WhatsApp. Have they been sent to you on occasion? Probably yes, but you don’t know their real meaning.

Keep reading, and you will discover their meanings, origins and more.

Before we start, you have to know that the meaning of 7u7 and uwu, are completely different. That is to say, they do not mean the same thing. So, we are going to explain them separately.

What does 7u7 mean on social networks?

Meaning of 7w7 and UwU in WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networks

The meaning of this famous face varies depending on the conversation you are having and who you are talking to.

Keeping this in mind, without putting so much mystery into it. This set of numbers and letters is an expression that is either naughty or perverted.

It is widely used by the Otaku community, just like “uwu” among other expressions (because there are thousands) using letters and numbers originated in Asia.
Well, now that you know what it means, you may wonder…. How to use it? When can I use it? Keep reading and I’ll show you…

How to use 7u7?

This will depend on the context in which you and the other people are talking.
The person who wants to use this expression is usually because they are flirting, or hinting at something kinky.

This emoji is used to insinuate something double meaning and flirt with someone.

If you still don’t understand how to use it, we will show you some examples:

Examples of 7u7

  • “What do you say we go out tonight? 7u7.”

Here this emoji turns the comment into cheeky, with clear intention.

  • “I got out of the gym late and missed the train. I don’t know what to do, 7u7.”

Here it is completely different, it represents the sad face with both eyes closed and shedding tears.

Tip: You should be very attentive to the context of the message and the conversation.

What does UwU mean on social networks?

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Meaning of 7w7 and UwU in WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networks

The expression UwU means happiness or tenderness. It is intended to draw the face that a person makes. This expression is inspired by anime characters, and is used when something pleases them or provokes a feeling of tenderness.

Many users on social networks use this expression to imply innocence when they receive some kind of flattery.
Now that you know what 7u7 means. This can be a response to the previous expression that we explained

Besides tenderness, it can also be used to give or receive a compliment.
UwU also sometimes means when it causes someone something very touching.

Where did “uwu” originate

The origin is Japanese, as are most of the emojis that currently exist. Likewise, in Korea this expression is very common.

Examples of “UwU”

  • “You are a love uwu.”

Here you can see a reaction to a nice, tender or touching comment. The characters represent an emoticon with a face of extreme happiness.

  • I’ve seen your new profile picture, and you look so cute, uwu.”

In this context, uwu serves to flirt and insinuate yourself to that person.

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