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In this article we will learn some tricks to win in League of Legends Master Tactics , it is also good to know that this game is available to download on PC from the official page, also available for Android mobile and iPhone.

How to Win Master Tactics in League of Legends – LoL Master Tactics

Teamfight Tactics or Master Tactics in Spanish is a video game of the auto battler type, a subgenre of strategy video games. In this type of game, players place characters on a battlefield in the form of a grid during a setup phase and then fight the characters of the opposing team without any additional direct instructions from the player.

Master Tactics was released as a game mode within League of Legends in 2019 . LoL has achieved great success to the point of becoming the most popular video game within eSports and since its launch in 2009, it has received many improvements and updates that you can enjoy, it has its own tool in case you have update problems so you can update League of Legends if it gives you an error so you can always play.

Among her favorite game modes are Blood Moon, Twisted Treeline, Ascension, Star Guardians, Odyssey, Doom Bots, Dark Star, One For All, U. GG, and most recently, Master Tactics.

What is Master Tactics and how is it played?

Master Tactics was initially released by Riot Games, the same creators of League of Legends, as a game mode within LoL itself in mid-2019.

However, less than a year later, in March 2020, it was also released for Android and iOS due to its acceptance and great success.

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This game consists of forming a team of up to 9 champions and trying to stay alive as long as possible to achieve victory. The arena or playing field has hexagons in which you can strategically place your champions as you prefer.

You can also have some pets, better known as mini-legends, which will be in charge of moving your champions, these are worth money but it is not complicated to enter Riot Points (this is the name of the game currency), for this you will need to put money in League of Legends, but if you don’t want to put money in, don’t worry you can get some free mini-legends.

Now, what tips can you follow to earn Master Tactics if you are a beginner? In the next block you will learn some tricks to do it.

How to win in Master Tactics?

One of the main things that you should take into account is gold and what it is for. With gold you can buy champions, level up, and upgrade the champion store.

You get these as you play different games and the amount of these can vary depending on your winning streak or lost games and the interests of what you have accumulated. Hence the importance of saving them. Even so, always, except for the first rounds, you will have 5 insured.

In the case of interest, it is important to save gold, since every 10 gold you get an additional 1 up to a maximum of 5. Therefore, the more you save, the more interest you accumulate and the greater the amount of gold you will receive in the end.

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So if you accumulate the gold and use it only to buy necessary units, it will be easier to maintain and duplicate them. Don’t be too quick to spend gold to level up ahead of time, but instead expect to accumulate experience and a reasonable amount of gold to start spending.

The choice of champions is another important factor in winning. This is why it is key to achieve synergies between their classes and their origins. Although you can choose from multiple champions, combine their classes and origins in many ways , there are certain mixes you can make that work well and can help you win.

For example, several of the Gunmen are pirates, so if you combine them with that class it is easier for you to benefit from that origin. Another thing to take into account is that the damage received when losing in the first rounds is not very high so you must play with patience.

The objects is another important point because a victory or a defeat can depend on these, therefore you must choose them well to ensure that they benefit your character. And these you can only get in rounds against jungle monsters.

The variety of League of Legends makes it popular, which is why it is very easy to create a free account or sign up. Among its improvements are the addition of new game modes, it is this that makes LoL continue to be a video game that does not go out of style despite its more than 10 years.

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