utilizar WhatsApp Web sin escanear el Codigo QR

WhatsApp is the most famous instant messaging application in the world in addition to positioning itself as one of the best instant messaging applications. With more than 100 million downloads and 11 years of service, it is positioned as a leader in applications that facilitate communication.

How to Use or Login to WhatsApp Web Without Scanning the QR Code

It is available in all operating systems and its use is not just for mobile computers. Being one of the most interesting innovations of this application its version of WhatsApp web, usable and compatible with most browsers.

What is WhatsApp Web?

Working for hours at the computer and paying attention to the phone can be quite a tedious task. That is why, in August 2015, WhatsApp made the WhatsApp Web platform available to its users.

que es Whatsapp Web

How to use?

Its use is really simple. Entering the application’s web page, you will be able to find in the main menu, the option to access the WhatsApp Web interface . For this you only need:

  • Have a WiFi connection.
  • That your computer and your mobile device are connected to the same network. However, you can use it anywhere with your laptop where you have an internet connection (as long as you have previously logged in).

With these considerations in mind, you must enter the WhatsApp settings on your mobile phone. Step by step, these are the instructions:

  • Click on the 3 points shown in the upper right part of the screen of your mobile phone.
  • Enter the WhatsApp Web option.
  • Scan the QR Code displayed on the WhatsApp Web platform.

What is the QR Code for?

Surely you remember the barcodes that contain the products you buy. The QR code is the equivalent or evolution of those barcodes .

QR means Quick Response , in Spanish: quick response. It is a measure implemented not only by WhatsApp but by a large number of companies, organizations and many other applications. The analysis of this code can take you not only to your chat, in the case of WhatsApp, but to other web pages, articles, files, videos, among other things.

Use WhatsApp Web without QR code

Using the web platform of this application without scanning the QR code is a tremendous task. This is because it is considered a practically infallible security measure , being the only way to link your WhatsApp to a computer.

Usar WhatsApp Web sin codigo QR

However, there are exceptions. Tricks on the web could circumvent these types of security measures , allowing access to the web platform.

So is it possible to do it without a QR code?

The answer to this question is a simple and resounding no. Many tutorials ensure income bypassing the security measure, but it really is impossible. In any circumstance they could endanger the privacy and information of your chats.

The only alternative to not closing your WhatsApp Web session is by checking the box that will allow you to keep the session active without scanning another QR code . This box can be obtained under the box that shows the QR code, in this way your session will be kept on the computer and you will not have to scan the code repeatedly.

Always safe

The option to keep the session active is recommended, as long as it is at the time you do your work and the only user who uses the computer is you . In this way you can easily avoid and know if they are spying on your WhatsApp account.

This security measure is important to avoid irregular use of your account and identity theft. Therefore, it is recommended to make sure that your session has been closed once you have finished the day. Or in any case, make sure that no one else has access to your WhatsApp web.

Caution above all

Avoid uncomfortable situations, put this WhatsApp Web tool to good use and in this way facilitate the way you hold your conversations while using the browser.

Pay no extra attention to measures that claim to be infallible and make sure to log out every time you leave the computer for a long time . Take care of your privacy.

That is why we bring before you the way to learn how to know if my WhatsApp Web is open and close the session in a simple and practical way.

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