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One of the most famous dating applications is Tinder ; the web platform, in which hundreds of people from all over the world come together to find their soul mate.

However, despite having a great platform, which provides its users with comfort and security, various users feel the need to reinforce this security and place the privacy barriers a little higher, since they do not want their users to Tinder profiles, are visible to your other friends or relatives within platforms such as Facebook.

Within this tutorial, we want to give you all the details so that you can change and adapt the privacy of your profile within Tinder, in such a way that it is hidden and nothing of your personal information is published within networks like the ones we have named above.

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Start by accessing the application settings within Facebook

Once we have downloaded Tinder into our device, the usual thing is that it has asked us to link our account with Facebook.

This is a situation that you cannot avoid, since the main engine of the application is to make you meet more people and this will be done in various ways, including the fact of finding people via Facebook, who resemble you.

To change your Tinder settings to private and thus be able to prevent any type of publication from being made within Facebook, you must start by accessing the application settings within Facebook.

You can find this menu in a simple way, just in the upper right corner, this if you access from the web version. When you are in this, you will see a drop-down menu, within it, select the submenu of ” Applications “. Within this section, you will be able to obtain a detailed list of the applications that are connected to your Tinder profile.

Get started with editing the app privacy

Of all the applications that are connected there, you must start by going to the dating application, which once you have selected, you will see that a pop-up window will open, in which you can begin to modify all the privacy details you want in as for Tinder.

To begin, you must select by default, the ” Just me ” setting, which will prevent Tinder from making publications within your wall, and that they are visible to all the contacts you have within the platform.

However, even so, it is possible that you hide your Tinder profile, much more, for example, denying access to the application to your list of friends within Facebook or even to your email.

In order to make these settings effective, you only have to uncheck those boxes, which correspond to the list of permissions that the application requests. Once you have made these adjustments, you just have to click on the “save” button in order to be sure that the changes will be effective.

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Proceed to deactivate Tinder Social

Tinder Social is one of the latest updates to the Tinder application , which not only puts you in contact with people within the application, but also takes the trouble of accessing your contacts within Facebook, to later identify which of them has an account on Tinder, in order to show them a little more frequently within it.

In order to avoid this, it will only be enough for you to deactivate this action within your Tinder profile if what you are looking for is to hide your profile from your acquaintances within it, without having to permanently delete your Tinder account.

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