You love working with the application, Adobe Photoshop and giving a unique and special touch to your images, and making them more attractive. Well, in this guide, we will teach you how to use the image blur filter in Photoshop, so that you stand out with your images. With the help of this guide, you will learn how to use the blur effects gallery in Photoshop, so pay attention.

Image blur filter function

To give an effect of depth to your image, you can use the blur filter , so a part is in focus and the other areas are out of focus. By using an area selection, you can determine which part you want to blur, and this can be done with a separate alpha channel depth map.

The image blur filter works with the depth map to make a location of the pixels in the image . Therefore, when working with this format, you can use the crosshair cursor to determine the epicenter of the blur, which you want to make.

To create depth maps, you can use layer masks or alpha channels and work on the design of your image. Where the black areas of the alpha channel are treated as if they were the first printed sheet of the image. And the white areas of the layer masks will be treated as distant, which will make it easier to blur the image.

Using the image blur filter

Depending on the iris shape you choose, you will find the blur effect, just as the number of pages determines the iris shape. You can also modify the iris pages by rotating or circularizing it, as well as reducing or enlarging the image with the plus or minus options.

desenfoque del fondo de la imagen

  • Enable the graphics processor in Photoshop.
  • Choose the “Edit” option in Photoshop.
  • Then select, preferences> performance and use graphics processor.

With Photoshop 21.0, image blur works together with your PC’s graphics card to improve image blur filters. And with version 21.1, the image blur algorithms were improved, to get blurrier edges in the foreground .

Steps to use the image blur filter

Next, we will explain in detail the steps you must take to correctly use the image blur filter in Photoshop.

  • First, select Filter> Blur> Image Blur.
  • Then go to preview and select one of the following alternatives.
  1. More accurate: This alternative will allow you to see the final result of the image, although it usually takes a while to present.
  2. Faster: This option allows you to see a quick image preview.
  3. Depth Map: Select a channel from the source menu , either layer mask or transparency.
  4. But if you don’t have a depth map channel, choose “None”.
  • Using the cursor, drag the blur focal length slider to determine pixel depth, example:
  1. You will determine that the focal length will be 100 pixels.
  2. Then the pixels at 1 and 255 will be completely out of focus .
  3. But pixels that are close to 100 will not look as out of focus.

desenfoque de profundidad de imagen

  • Then select the preview image.
  • Now the blur focal length slider will reflect where you select the image.
  • And it will show you a depth approach.

Continuity of the steps of using image blur

After having taken the simple steps, which we have already mentioned to achieve blur an image using Photoshop, we continue with these:

  • Choose the “Invert” option to change the alpha channel you are using.
  • Select an iris from the shape options.
  • Depending on your preference, you can curvature or round the edges of the iris.
  • Drag the radius slider to blur the image more.
  • To set a limit on brightness, drag the Specular Highlights Threshold slider .
  • And to increase the brightness, drag the brightness slider.
  • From the noise section, select “Amount slider”.
  • For noise distribution choose «Gaussian Blur«.
  • To add gray noise, choose ‘Monochrome’.
  • And, select “Ok”.

Ready, we hope you can take advantage of the information and use the image blur filter , with the help of this practical guide.

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